Monday, January 9, 2023

Confessions of A Non Superwoman #33

Well, helloooooo is me again! It is about that time now that we have made it through the holiday hustle and bustle...or should I say barely made it through. It was touch and go there for a bit.

But alas, kids are back in school (Thank goodness) and hopefully we can get back to some type of routine. Key word: Hopefully.

Without further ado I give you some of my recent faux pas. Err. Confessions.

1. I live in Northern Idaho. First winter. And man, it was cold here right around Christmas. Snowy. Icy. You name it. I have this handy dandy ice scraper that I am supposed to keep in my purse so when there is ice on my windows, I can scrap it off. And well I left it in the car. The frozen car. Took some time to get into said frozen car to get the scraper so I used a SPATULA instead! Yup. Improvised. Hey, it worked. Until it didn't. 

2. Christmas decor. Just took it down on Wednesday. Now ask me if I organized it while putting it back in the bins.  BIG FAT NOPE.  I will just leave it at that. 

3. The kids had 2 weeks off of school. I had all these ideas of fun things we could do while they were off but ummmmm, we did pretty much nothing. Such a mom fail. However, my oldest daughter did fall and break her ankle, tore 3 ligaments and fractured her leg the Tuesday after Christmas and then had surgery last Monday so I was helping her a bit instead. That was exciting!

4. While off during the break, zero routine. Zip. Zilch. Nothing. Nada. We just flew by the seat of our pants. I **think** there were a few nights where my 15-year-old stayed up most of the night. I went to bed. Or tried to. (I don't tend to sleep much or when I do sleep it is not very sound). 

5. You know that Air Fryer I blogged about a couple weeks ago. Still have not used it. I am horrible. 

6. New Year's Eve was pretty quiet. I am however still finding confetti under everything and probably will be for the next year. Whose idea was that?  Oh,the person that doesn't help clean it up!  And is it really bad that I wish my kids were young enough that we could celebrate New Year's at 9pm with New York? Used to be in bed by 9:05pm. LOL.  I know, I know. Memories made. 

How were your holidays?  Any New Year's Resolutions that you have already failed at?  (I never make resolutions, too much pressure). 

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Funny Resolutions For The New Year

I am a bit of a Debbie Downer when it comes to New Year's Resolutions. I never make them. Toooooo much pressure. I just can't commit. BUT, here is a list I found of some funny resolutions that I am pretty sure I have already accomplished a few of them AND it is only a week into the New Year!! Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!


Thursday, December 15, 2022

I Finally Jumped

 Took me long enough. For real.

I finally jumped on the Air Fryer bandwagon. I know I am probably the last person on ALL.OF.THE.EARTH. to have bought one. I have fought the urge, believe me since I don't usually follow the masses. BUT, I have been having FOMO. Like Serious FOMO. So, here I am, I finally did it and yet IT is still in the box, unopened, all alone on my counter, a few days later. 

I will get to it. I promise and then you will never stop hearing me rave about it like everybody else. Right?

I bought one this past weekend at BestBuy while on sale. Bella Pro Series 8-qt. $49.99! I figured you can't beat that (or maybe you can).  She sure is pretty!

Is it that awesome?  Do you have one?   What kind do you have? What do you make in it?

*This is not a sponsored post. The link is to the Best Buy product that I purchased directly and IS NOT an affiliate link.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Rest In Peace

 tWitch Boss. You were such a light to so many. If you only knew how many people adored you. Maybe you did and it still was not enough. Nobody will ever know.

May you Rest In Peace.

This makes me so sad.


I loved watching him on SYTYCD way back when and then seeing him do so many other things through the years. Watched his wife and him on TikTok occasionally with their kids, dance skits, etc.
This is just another example of you never know what people are going through....BE KIND ALWAYS.
And if you are struggling, PLEASE try your hardest to reach out to friends, family, counselor, doctor, teacher...988. You matter! You are worth it!

Don't do something that will be permanent for a temporary setback. Everything is fixable.

Note: If you or any of your loved ones are struggling with suicidal thoughts, you can always reach out to the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline by calling 988. They are available 24/7 by phone or online chat.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Confessions of A Non-Superwoman #32

Hi! Long time, no see. I would say it has been a hot minute since I have been around these parts, but I digress, I think that is how I started my last confessional post back in September 2020.  Wow! 


How have you been?  Survive Covid, I hope. Now right into winter flu season, RSV and a times, right? Man, can you believe these prices. Gas. Groceries. Interest rates. Which is a good segway into my confessions.

1. I sent my husband to the store the other day for groceries, trying to save a buck or two so off to Winco he went....OMG! (Sorry I CAN NOT shop at Winco myself, too many people, bagging my own groceries. No. Just. No.)  Well.... that was a mistake for sure.  No savings where had. He even had a list, a specific list. And....$195.03 later! Eggs, $5.08 for 18 pack. Like, what the fudge? Chickens on strike?  (Looks like just good old inflation, supply chain issues that we are STILL dealing with and Bird Flu outbreak)

2.  We SOLD our house and moved to another state this past summer. Yup! It was thought through, not just on a whim. BUT, it seems we sold right at the moment that the bubble burst for sellers and interest rates started climbing for buyers. SOOOOO here we are living in an apartment in a new state for at least a year. It is all good, really, we have a roof over our head, and we are in the same state as my oldest daughter which makes me do the HAPPY dance.

3.  Part of the reason why I have not been around prior to our move was because quite honestly, depression was just kicking my ARS. When my dad passed away in March 2021, I had a bit of a breakdown to say the least which also turned into finding out some things about my own health. (I will probably share more on that story another time). And getting out of bed, keeping a couple kids alive, was pretty much all I could muster up the energy for. So, I apologize. 

4.  This year we did a fake tree. Yes, there I said it. A FAKE Christmas tree. I know I will probably lose a few friends over this. LOL. Although, I miss the smell of the pine, I do not miss the mess that comes with it. ALL.THE.PINE.NEEDLES. 

Have you seen the Ikea Christmas tree meme floating around out there?  LOL.  

5. My youngest daughter pretty much decorated our house on her own. She brought the bins in from garage, pulled out the decorations, put together the tree, put out all of the decorations on counters, windowsill, etc....while the oldest son (who was in town for a visit), and I watched Million Dollar Listings. Yeah, not super proud BUT, what do you do. She was much more efficient than I would have ever been on that day.  (In my defense, we do usually decorate and put up the tree as a family but this year we were all just not totally into it for whatever reason). 

Hope your holiday season is going well, whatever you celebrate. AND real or fake tree, I will still be your friend!

Any confessions on your part?  Remember this is a safe space for all. No judgement, we actually celebrate imperfections!!

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