Friday, December 2, 2016

Confessions Of A Non Superwoman #29

Wow.  First and foremost…Confession, I have been totally MIA from this blog for a lonnnnnnnnng time so it seems.  I post every so often on the Facebook page (yes there is a Facebook page) but here not so much.

Life has got the best of me this past year but I really want and need to get back into blogging for an outlet and to preserve my sanity…so here goes it…

1. So you know that holiday where kids carve pumpkins, get candy…yeah, Halloween.  Yeah, so this year no pumpkins were harmed for the holiday.  Not a SINGLE.PUMPKIN.CARVED.  Time.  Just not enough time.

2.  So you know that holiday where you eat turkey. Yeah, Thanksgiving. The mostly meat free carcass is still in the pan in the refridgerator.  I promise it is going in the garbage TODAY.  (in my defense, our garbage was full and garbage day was yesterday rather than put it in a bag to stink up, I waited).

3.  We haven’t got professional Christmas pictures in like forever, no really I think for at least 3 years.  This year I am making an appointment.  I am making an appointment right now (after I finish this post).

4.   I walked into the littles room this morning…and Ohh Emmm Geee.  It looks like we have been robbed.  Serious clutter, toys, clothes, all over. MUST.GET.ORGANIZED.

5.  Times are changing again with work.  Our company announced that we are being purchased and the sale will complete by first quarter 2017.  In a quandary.  Should I stay or should I go.  I wish I had a crystal ball to see the future.

6.  So I promised this post yesterday and well....I got home and my internet wasn't working can do. No super powers available to fix it.

7. As I was driving home yesterday, thinking, (I do my best thinking in the car or while going to the bathroom...I know weird...maybe a little TMI), life is just crazy.  Always going here and there, go, go, go (even more so around the holiday season)...and then this song came on... and it stopped me in my tracks and smacked me upside the forehead... I need to Just Breathe.

Here for your listening pleasure I am posting the video.  Enjoy!  

Have any confessions to share? C'mon don't be shy.

Friday, April 29, 2016

{Real Life} Cha, Chan, Change....

Wow!  It has been over a year!

Well let me just say not a whole lot has changed....yet...

Been mulling around some ideas these last several months. And I think I am going to start working on taking another leap of faith here in the coming months.  Not something that I can go into detail yet, in time.  Patience my dear.

Looks like people are still visiting....followers still following.  Thank you.

I leave you for now with this...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our Neck Of The Woods

We live in Oregon.

A plethora of beauty right in our back yard any way you turn. 

The breathtaking Columbia River Gorge.

The painted hills of John Day.

The relaxing Ocean.

The white covered mountains of Mt Hood or Mt Bachelor.

When you live here, I sometimes forget about all these wonderful things our state encompasses.  And you can literally head to any of these places for a day trip from Portland, OR.  Which we did yesterday.

We headed out east to The Columbia River Gorge.  And it didn't disappoint.

At the base of Horse Tail Falls

Wakeena Falls

I just realized that I didn't take as many pictures as I normally do, but, that is ok, I was trying to be in the moment. 

What did you and your family do this weekend?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Catching Up {Real Life}

Holy cow.  I mean seriously.  I have not written a blog post in months.  I would love to say that my family and I went off the grid and were traveling the world and all it has to offer, soaking it all in ...but alas, nothing that exciting has happened.  LIFE.  is what has happened.

LIFE and all the responsibilities i.e. family, kids, work, just take over.  Kinda funny how that works. Sometimes being an adult just sucks the life out of all the fun.  LOL.  I am sure everyone can relate to that at some point or another.

Tyler had another football and now basketball season under his belt.  He didn't end up having much of a football season because on the 3rd game, he was hit real hard from the front/back simultaneously and landed in the hospital for 4 days with a collapsed lung.

Then from there it went right into his 16th Birthday and the holidays.  Yes, he is 16 now and chomping to get his license.  He has his permit and has been driving with everyone but me.   I think I have taken him driving 3x now.  My heart just couldn't take it early on.  I am sure he is much better now so maybe, just maybe, we will venture out again soon.  I said MAYBE.

He got his first job.  He starts this week.  He is hoping that he can save enough for a car by the start of next school year.

You wanna build a snowman?

Holidays of course was a whirlwind of doing this, that and the other. Going here, there and everywhere.  Each year I say next year we are going to do things differently.  Well this year, I mean it. I would really love to just take the money that we spend on toys that are broken in less than a week and put it towards a holiday away and then maybe just get one coveted gift for each.  Maybe rent a house up on the mountain or beach.  Sounds so nice right about now.

Fast forward to these past couple weeks and Hayden, our 7 year old has been seriously sick.  He has had a fever since Feb 17th that has come and gone, only gone for like two days.  He was in the hospital for two days last week, discharged, a few days went by with a low grade fever and then it came back again this past Thursday.  No underlying symptoms.  They ran every test known to man and can't figure it out. Some super virus.  Scary.  We took him back to the Dr. again on Friday and again nothing.  Keep him comfortable, push the fluids, control the fever with Advil/Tylenol is what they say.  Again, scary.  So here we are.  It is Sunday and his fever is still hovering at 100 but he seems to be coming around again.  He is finally eating a little bit.  The sun is shining here today so we are going to get him out in the sun for some much needed Vitamin D.  I am hoping that this is the last of it.  It is so hard to watch your children when they are sick and there is not much anyone can do for them.

Hayden with our new addition Lucy.

The youngest and the oldest are both doing well.  The oldest is still going to college, working, living on her own a few blocks away.  She is seriously starting to talk about buying her first house.  The lending market is good here but the house market is a sellers market so we shall see.  The youngest is growing like a weed and looking forward to starting kindergarten in the fall.  She is as cute as can be and like a sponge.  She soaks it all in and then some.  Really have to be careful around that little one. She just melts our hearts.

At her big brothers last basketball game

How are you and your family doing?  I feel like I haven't read, commented on, lurked much on any blogs lately...I guess I really haven't.  Hoping that I can get back into writing some.  I do miss it.

Hope everyone is well!

Stop in and say hi sometime.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Poking My Eyes Out With Needles

I know not a very good thought or visual.  But seriously, I would really rather be doing that than what I am doing now.  Not this very second of course because I am sitting here writing a blog post for you lovlies...which I haven't done, once again, in quite a while. 

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you may be able to guess what I am doing instead of "Poking My Eyes Out With Needles." 

Figured it out yet?


Yup, loathe it...but I have to do it at least once a year kids do need clothes.  Actually, we do go more than once a year but it is the bare minimum of shopping time.  Get in, get out.  Get it done.

I am not one of those moms that can go to the mall all day, just walking around, window shopping.  I have never been and never will be.

Instead right at this moment, I am sitting in the corner of the food court at the mall, while the boy (almost man) is off shopping on his own.  I gave him a wad of cash and told him how many outfits he had to at least come back with...and here I sit.  I haven't seen or heard from him in well over an hour at this point.

I had lunch.  People watched for a bit.  Surfed the internet.  Fiddled around on Facebook.  And now I am here.  Yes, I brought my lap top because I figured I would be here a while and why not be productive.  In all honesty, I brought my laptop as a last resort.  I had to break it out to entertain myself because I was starting to fall asleep on these cozy couches they have tucked over in the corner of the food court.  I figured nobody wants to hear me snoring or wipe my drool.

And for people watching.  I do love me some people watching.  Just as I was wrapping up this post a young couple sat down.  Both heavily tattooed.  The women, all belly, pregnant.  They took out the cutest little TMNT onesie with some booties.  The momma didn't seem to keen on the purchase but the dad, loved it, of course.  Then shortly after that a little boy goes running by with his dad quickly in tow, shouting that he has to go poop.  LOL.  Which reminds me when I was in the bathroom earlier today and the little girl in the stall next to me was giving a narrative while her mother was going to the bathroom.  Don't you love that.  I just posted on my Facebook page a couple weeks ago about this.  My kids always do embarassing.  Do your kids ever do that?

Have ya'll finished up your back to school shopping yet?  Ya'll that is funny.  That just reminded me of Wille Robertson from Duck Dynasty in God's Not Dead.  Seen the movie?  I have now watched it 3 times.  Such a good movie with such a great message....

Has your faith ever been tested?  What are you willing to sacrifice?

BTW, at the end of our shopping trip, we indulged in the couple hours in the mall was worth it.
Jennifer Bailey's photo.

Yes, that is a heaven scent sent #Cinnabon.  A whole bunch of gooeyness.  Yum!

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