Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Not My Brightest Moment

After months of vacuuming out the car as often as I change my underpants (if you were wondering that would be daily) I decided to impose a new rule.  The littles were no longer going to eat ANYTHING in the car. 

Such a grand idea....too bad that I couldn't really pull it off between trips to the football field, to the grocery store, to the church meeting, etc....Lots of time is spent driving here and there so it was bound to happen....them eating something in the car at some point....again.

And last week it came to a head.  I bribed the youngest with a small bag of Cheese Its while we were at the store. And needless to say, most if not all of the Cheese Its ended up in the back seat of the car, on the nicely vacuumed black upholstery, in her car seat, on the floor.  EVERYWHERE but in her mouth and tummy.  And this was actually just part of the mess.  I couldn't get all of it in my view to take a picture...but you get the point.



  1. What I love about you--puttin' it out there no matter! I am well beyond the child years, and eating messes in the car, but I haven't forgotten how all of this happens. xo

    1. You know me I like to keep it real. Glad you are back in the saddle!

  2. Boy do I remember those days and still have them occasionally. My kids are 10 & 12

    1. Does it ever end? LOL. My two oldest still make huge messes.


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