Sunday, May 1, 2011


Have you ever have one of those moments where you are completely and utterly dumbfounded about what just unfolded?

We had one of these yesterday afternoon on our way to dinner.

As we were turning right into the parking lot of the restaurant, we noticed a car come quickly upon us on the left side of our car and box us in.  My husband looks at me and says, "Whats this guy doing" and as quickly as the he said this the guy jumps out of his car, signals us to roll down our window and then proceeds to start yelling at us using obscenities all the while. 

Other than that, it all happened so quick and we couldn't really understand most of what the man was saying but he was obviously very irate.  At one point I recall him telling my husband to get out of the car which thankfully my husband didn't.

As we drove away, heart pounding of course, a bit shaken, we pulled into the parking spot of the restaurant and sat there for a second getting our barrings.  We decided to drive away from the area of out fear that he was still somewhere in the parking lot.

We circled around the area for a bit and then headed back to the restaurant scanning the parking lot for his car.  He had left. 

Looking back on the situation, while we were at dinner we retraced our steps.  I recall seeing the vehicle in front of us originally, pulling over to the side of the road.  I remember the man getting out of the vehicle and going over to his passenger side.  At that point, we passed him.  It was a semi residential area (35mph) but with very wide streets, he was clearly in the shoulder of the street parked and we were not going very fast.

The only thing we can come up with is that perhaps he thought we were driving too fast?   If that was the case, does that give him the right to scare us, our family the way he did.  We had our 3 yr old and 1 yr old in the car.  The 1 yr old obviously had no idea what was going on but our 3 yr old did. 

Hindsight, I wish I had written down his license plate number so I could have turned him in for road rage. I just don't understand why in this day and age with all the random violence there is why someone would even do this.  For all intensive purposes, how did this guy not know that we were not some crazy lunatics just waiting to pounce, you know what I mean?

I will be haunted by a dark blue 4 door BMW with tinted windows for awhile.

In the end, Thank God it didn't turn uglier than it did and we are all safe.

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  1. geez!! I'm so sorry, I hope the 3 yr old is okay..that can be so scary for little ones... least nothing happened...
    and that guy? is a huge ass

  2. He is but he of course had questions why that man was yelling at us. Definetly scary.


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