Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yours,Mine & Ours

Noooo, I am not talking about kids or the movie...I am talking "To Do Lists".  Do you have these?  Do you have them broken down accordingly?  Or is that just me?

Ok, maybe I am a bit neurotic, some might even say "anal" (not really liking that word) but you get the point...and I do have one....

When I make our "To Do Lists", Chore List, Task List, whatever you might call it...I break it down between Yours (husbands), Mine & Ours (what we do together).  The funny thing "Mine" is typically much longer.  Why is that?  Remember, I am definetly not "superwoman" so I definetly don't try and do it all (or do I?) Maybe that is the problem? 

Here is a typical "To Do List" in our household these days:


1. Spot clean carpets
2. Change Cat Litter
3. Go through old tshirts
4.  Clean car


1.  Clean top of refridgerator
2.  Go through kids clothes
3.  Sweep/Mop Floor
4.  Clean car
5.  Laundry, Laundry and more Laundry (is there ever an end in sight?)
6.  Organize kids toys
7.  Go through old papers/shred
8.  Mail pictures to grandparents
9.  Ohh, send pictures toWalgreens to print otherwise there will be no pictures to mail to grandparents


1.   Take stuff to Goodwill
2.   Pick up backyard
3.   Winterize yard

Ok, so you catch my drift.  Womens often high expectations of themselves I think is the "real" problem... Something I know I need to work on and do (sometimes).

Several of the things I have on "Mine" "Yours" could just as easily do so why do I load myself up and give "Yours" only a handful of tasks?  Not too mention, "Yours" would do them, no problem. 

Is it because we "think" we can do them better?  Faster? Maybe but unless we "delegate" and at least let "Yours" try we won't know for sure...Maybe "Yours" can clean the top of the refridgerator better. Maybe "Yours" can go through the kids clothes, faster ("Yours" probably could because I am too sentimental and would want to keep everything).

Why do we exhaust ourselves?  Don't answer that....

But from here on out, you can bet "Yours" is going to have more on the list.  Sorry love.

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