Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cat Poop & Rocky Road

Ok, so I know you might be wondering how does Cat Poop and Rocky Road end up in the same sentence let alone as the title of the post.

As you might know, we added to our family this past week, ohh you didn't know?  Well go check out my A New Addition post and then you will.  We are the proud new parents to one cute as a button, bundle of energy, spastic kitten, named Bella.  Well, Bella is not totally boxed trained yet so we have had a few *minor* poop incidents in the house. Luckily, they have been on linoleum in our laundry room and in the corner of our entry way and not on the carpet.

Here is where the Rocky Road comes in.  We got a gallon of Rocky Road Ice Cream the other night as a treat (as if we needed it after Thanksgiving overload but any who).  Rocky Road is one of my favorite flavors along with Strawberry Cheesecake, Mint Chocolate Chip, Pralines & Cream...Sorry back to my story....There just so happened to be a large brown glob of what I thought was Cat Poop in the middle of our kitchen floor and I began to go a bit ballistic.   Wrapping a huge amount of toilet paper around my hand (I know gross but someone has to pick it up) I reached down to lump it up into the toilet paper and lo and behold it was not Cat Poop but rather a glob of Rocky Road Ice Cream that one of the kids had dropped. I have never been more thankful for ice cream on my floor.

Want some Rocky Road Ice Cream?

See the resemblance?

Real or Fake?

Christmas Trees.

The debate has begun.

I went out with a group of friends on Monday night for dessert and we had a discussion about Christmas trees.

Real or fake?

The majority of us said real but the ones that said fake all had very good arguments.


Love the smell
It's a tradition
Variety (Douglas Fir, Noble Fir, Spruce)

Fire Hazard
Needles everywhere
Need to water daily
Need to dispose of
Cost vary from year to year
Often times you have to cut down unless you buy from a lot
Have to haul it home and dry out if wet from rain


No pine needles to be cleaned up
Not a fire hazard
Can use year after year
No need to water
Pay for once and done
Last several years

Need to store somewhere year after year
Have to "rearrange" the branches often
Same tree, different year

Ok, so I *was* on the real side Monday night but now that I have made this list I am waffling a bit.

Some fun facts about Christmas Trees I found:

  • The top Christmas Tree producing states are Oregon, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Washington . Oregon is #1!
  • There are approximately 25-30 million Real Christmas Trees sold in the U.S. every year. Holy Christmas Tree, Batman!
  • For every Real Christmas Tree harvested, 1 to 3 seedlings are planted the following spring.
  • It can take as many as 15 years to grow a tree of typical height (6 - 7 feet) or as little as 4 years, but the average growing time is 7 years.

What are you?  Real or fake?  What have I missed between my pros and cons?  Help me out here.

Image Detail


Holiday Time Unlit 7.5' Donner Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Pig for Christmas?

Compassion International has released their Gifts of Compassion Christmas Catalog recently.  Have you seen it?

Click here to view the catalog in it's entirety or to order catalogs to distribute at your church or workplace.

You can make a life long difference in the life of an entire family by buying a pig, a chicken, a cow, a goat.  These livestocks help them become self sufficient rather than reliant on others.  There are also several other items that they are in need of.  Please take a moment to look around.

If you can't do it on your own, how about instead of doing a gift exchange at work, pool your money together to put towards several items that Compassion-assisted children and their families are in desperate need of.

You can truly make a difference. 

This So Looks Like My House

Busted!  LOL.

This so looks like our house.  Hayden is such a climber.  There have been numerous times I have caught him in similar situations scaling the counter tops and cabinets. 

Busted Him Trying To Get To The Cookie Jar

Do you have a monkey in your house?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ever Feel Like This?

I wasn't mad...till...

Ever feel like this? 

Me, most definitely. 

C'mon, really?  

If you have never felt this way, I  am calling your bluff.


In case you didn't hear the winners of the Kindle Fire or $250.00 Giveaway are:

Cheryl Raymond and Valerie Taylor Mabrey!  They have been notified.

Also, the two winners of the 249 Page Digital Scrapbook are:

Stephanie and Amy!  Liz will be contacting you via email.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaways and following my blog.

Have a great week!

Menu Plan Monday

For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a great day with your friends and family.

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog posts.


This is what we are eating this week.


Turkey Enchiladas (we didn't end up having these Friday)
Spanish Rice
Chips & Salsa
Birthday Cake (MIL's birthday)


Turkey Tettrazini


Cheese Tortellini
Green Salad


Chicken Broccoli & Potatoes


Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwiches
Tomato Soup


Spicy Chicken & Rice


Eating Out Before *My Boy Brandon Heath's Concert*

Have you heard of him?  He is ahhhmazing!  This will be the second time we have the chance to see him.  I am so excited.  Here is one of his songs.  Gives me the goosebumps every time I hear it.

What's cooking in your kitchen?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Herb Seasoned Mac N Cheese

Alert! Alert! 

This is the ultimate comfort food.  I can literally eat this up in one sitting but thankfully I didn't.  I shared.  LOL. 

There is nothing better than warm from the oven homemade Macaroni & Cheese on a cold and blustery evening.  And what is even better is it is a meal that the kiddos *love*. 


1 box of elbow macaroni or rotini noodles
1 can of condensed cheese soup
1 can of milk
2 tablespoon butter or margarine
8 oz of shredded Cheddar cheese
8-16 oz of Seasoned Croutons, crunched up
Salt & Pepper to taste


1) Preheat over to 350 degrees
2) Mix noodles, soup, butter, milk, salt & pepper in 13x9 casserole dish
3) Bake in oven for 15 mins
4) Sprinkle cheese on top, mix
5) Cook for an additional 10 mins, mix
6) Sprinkle crushed up croutons on top of noodles, bake for another 5-10 mins, until golden brown.

Serve piping hot!  Add a side salad or some garlic bread.  MMM!


Friday, November 25, 2011

It's All Greek To Me Stuffing

I came up with the recipe a bit on the fly but can I just say it turned out better than I imagined. 

It was D-E-L-I-S-H!

I made it in the crockpot in addition to the *regular* stuffing we stuffed in the turkeys for Thanksgiving.


  • Bag of herb seasoned bread chunks (buy in the bakery section)*
  • 3 celery stocks, chopped
  • 1 container of sun dried tomatoes (3 oz; buy in produce section)
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted
  • 3 to 4 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 jar (6-1/2 ounces ) marinated artichoke hearts, drained and chopped
  • 1 can sliced olives, drained
  • 4 oz crumbled Feta Cheese (we love cheese especially feta)
  • 1 can (14-1/2 ounces) chicken broth


  • Mix all items together in crockpot with the exception of the Feta Cheese
  • Cook on low for 3 hours, mixing occasionally
  • Add Feta Cheese the last 15 minutes


This was definitely a change from the *regular* stuffing.  And everyone loved it!  I wished I had made more of it.

*Or you can use Focaccia bread.  That was my original intent however the store was completely out so I had to improvise.

Our New Addition

We added to our family over the Thanksgiving day holiday.

Meet Bella.

 She is a bundle of energy so I wasn't able to get the best pictures.  I will try to take some more today with our new camera.  (Husband waited in line last night for the midnight opening to score *our* Christmas present.  Now I just have to figure out how to use it.)

Bella is a 6 week old Siamese/Himalayan kitten.  Isn't she sweet?  She slept in the nape of my neck most of last night.  She has the bluest eyes and is just a fuzzy fur ball.

Now we just have to get Ellie our other cat to loosen up and like her.  LOL.  This ought to be fun.

Have a great Friday.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Supermarket Sweep

Remember that game show Supermarket Sweep?  Is it even still on?  I haven't seen it forever.

I had a dream about it last night in between my bouts of insomnia.  The only thing I can think of as to why I would of had a dream about this is because of all the shopping involved for Thanksgiving dinner and/or the Black Friday shopping everyone is talking about.  Who knows.

But anyways, back to my dream.

There was 3 of us on the show.  I don't remember who the other two were.  The goal though was to get as much stuff into your carts in 3 mins with the highest value and then if your carts value was the highest all the items that you had, would be donated to a charity of your choice.  It was a catch 22 I remember thinking in my dream because you want high cost items however those are not necessarily the best to donate.

I remember frantically running down the baby items aisle stuffing tons of diapers and formula underneath the cart and then I went over to the canned food items and literally cleared several shelves in one swoop dumping cans into my cart.  I then went back to the meat section and piled as many pot roasts, turkeys, etc on the top of the cans.  I could barely move the cart by the time the 3 mins were up.  But I made it up to the checkout, beads of sweat dripping off my forehead.

I don't remember who won and what the total was but I hope I won and was able to give all the items to a local charity.  LOL.  Wouldn't this be a great thing to do?  Do they already do something like this?  Maybe I should email them with this idea?

I find it interesting sometimes the dreams that I have, that other people have for that matter.  What prompts them?   I might go to the library this weekend and get a book to analyze dreams.  I know it has to mean something.

What do you think?

shopping cart

Ticker Tape Ramblings

It is time for another edition of Ticker Tape Ramblings.

Random thoughts going through my head at the moment.  It IS the middle of the night.  I have insomnia so please take these all with a grain of salt and don't hold them against me in the morning.

1.  It is already Thanksgiving.  Where has the time gone?
2.  So much to do still before Thursday.
3. Clean. Cook. Repeat.
4.  I need to get a new toilet paper thingy majig.  I am not sure what happened to the roll thingy that the toilet paper goes on. What is that called?
5. My cat has become so needy.  She meows that loud meow all the time especially when I am sleeping.  I think that is what woke me up.
6. It is raining buckets here.  I mean literally buckets upon buckets.
7. I can't wait for spring.  I know winter hasn't even technically begun but I can dream right?  Although spring is not much better rain wise.  Ok, hurry up summer.
8. How did I end up in Oregon the land of liquid sunshine?  I need to move to a warmer climate. I miss capris, flip flops, all year.
9. I hope our turkeys dethaw in time.  Yikes.
10. We are having a potluck today at work. 
11.  Don't forget the crock pot.
12. 4 days off work.  Ahhh.  Hopefully, I can catch up on some stuff namely sleep.
13. The boys look so cute sharing a bed.  It is funny seeing a 13 year old laying next to 4 year old in a car bed.
14. Got to clean out toys this weekend.
15. Where is the phone?  It is not on the hook and I know when I need it, it will be dead.
16.  We need to steam clean our carpets, ick.
17.  I hope someone took the trash down to the road last night, tonight.
18.  My check engine light came on yesterday.  I should probably figure out why.
19. I don't watch DWTS, but glad J.R. won.
20. I'm hungry.

With that I think I might go eat a bowl of cereal and try and go back to sleep for a few hours before I have to get up for work.

What random thoughts are going on in your head?

This is what I am talking about.
What is it called?  A baton? A roll?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Black Friday Survival 101

Can you believe it?  It’s already Christmas! 

I know, I know maybe I am getting just a tad bit ahead of myself.  Maybe we should get past Thanksgiving first. 

A few more days and we will be in full on shopping mode.  Tis the season, right? 

What!  You’re not going shopping?  You are not one of the millions of brave souls that will be partaking in the Black Friday madness?  MEEE neither!

Open, Open, Open….at the crack of dawn...for….a few bucks?  I guess you can argue to say that sometimes depending on what you are after that it is more than a few bucks but even so.   How much is your time worth?

I’ll be honest this will only be the second year, in many years past, that I will not be one of those crazy people.  And I am not making fun of them by any means because as I just noted, I “was” one of those crazy people.  And then I put it all in perspective. 

A couple years ago I was after a coveted item, if I remember right it was a digital frame that was on sale at Target for  $59 or something like that.  I literally waited in line for well over an hour before I decided that I really didn’t want it and left it in between the toothpaste and mouthwash.  I proceeded to wait another hour or so, line zig-zagging, aisle to aisle, feet and back aching, bladder about ready to burst, to purchase my other items that were by no means hot sellers however they were on sale.  But in the end when I looked at my receipt (failed to do the math as I was standing in line) I literally only saved like $15.00.  And for what, 2 hours of my time and items that I could have waited to purchase later that day or the next week for that matter.

With that being said I threw in the shopping bag so to speak last year and didn’t do the Black Friday sales.  I gave my daughter a list of a few items, the cash and let her lose.  Short of shopping on line, this my friends was the easiest shopping that I had ever done. I am not sure why I hadn’t thought about doing it this way before.  I got the deals, steals AND slept in my warm comfy bed past 4am.  LOL.  I think I rolled out of bed blurry eyed, hair in disarray when I heard the front door open and the bags rustling.  How awesome is that?  

If you are going to brave the masses on Friday to save a few bucks let me share with you a few tips that I have learned through the years:

1)      The first store you want to go to is the store that has the “most” coveted item and the biggest dollar savings.
2)      Always wear comfy shoes.  You will be standing for long periods of time.  Tennis shoes are preferable since they grip the linoleum better.  And you will need to dash and grab so the faster you are the better.
3)      Coffee is your friend however DON’T drink too much because then you will need to go to the bathroom AND it will be at the most inopportune time.
4)      DO NOT USE A CART unless the items are to big to carry.  Might I suggest a laundry basket, one you bring yourself or one you can get from the store you are shopping at and then buy it.   
5)      Take CASH.  This will help you stay on budget AND speed up your check out process so you can move onto the next store faster.
6)      Take a snack in your purse.  This is going to be a long day and there is no time for sit down eating.  Fiber is best.  It will fill you up, plug you up from the coffee and give you a bit of energy.
7)       Make friends with the people in front of you and behind you, it will make your several hours in line much more tolerable AND they might just save your spot if you do have to go to the bathroom.
8)  Elbows can be classified as deadly weapons so when you see one coming at you, duck and cover.  No item is worth a black eye or bruised ribs.
9)  Make sure your cell phone and/or iPad is fully charged so if you need to call for back up, you can.  Also, many stores have Wi Fi so playing games or hanging out on Facebook are also good ways to pass the time in line
10)And last but not least, have fun.  This is only one day, you have many more days to shop and I am certain that there will be more sales before than.  If you don't get that ONE item, it is not the end of the world.  Really, I promise.

Happy Black Friday!

What's on your must have list this year?

girl with shopping bags

Menu Plan Monday


That is all I could muster up.

Here is the plan for this week.


Too tired to cook.  We ate out.


Home Made Mac N Cheese


Chicken Stir Fry


Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Tomato Soup


The Bird Is The Word----TURKEY and all the fixins.




Turkey Enchiladas

Make sure to check back next week because several of my meals will most likely be incorporating left over turkey. 

What's on your menu this week?  Want some inspiration?  Check out the other menu plans at I'm An Organizing Junkie.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Confessions of a Non Superwoman #13

Lucky #13.  Ha!  I'm not very superstitious but I did think about skipping over #13 and moving right onto #14.  But that would be cheating.

1.  This past week I was really contemplating getting a dog.  I mean seriously thinking about it.  I am so tired of sweeping my floors 10x a day.  I figured if we had a dog they would do most of the work.

2.  Did you see my A Joint Effort post a few weeks ago. Yeah, we had another one of those moments this past week but it wasn't quite as bad.  I caught them before the whole box got dumped.

3.  I didn't go to my PtC training this morning.  Only the second week in and already FAIL!  I really wanted to but both Kaylyn and I woke up with the cruds so I went back to sleep. 

4.  And because of the cruds I didn't do my 6WS meme with Cate at which I am bummed about.  Love that linky party!

5.  Haven't accomplished much today other than writing this post and drowning my sorrows cruds with almost a whole bag of Christmas Hershey Kisses that the hubby bought this morning when he went for coffee.  Yes, I have eaten almost the WHOLE.FREAKIN.ENTIRE.BAG myself.  Another FAIL!

New Years is coming up right ?  So maybe my New Years Resolution will be no more pity party's with bags of candy.  Wait, I don't make New Years Resolutions because that is just another FAIL! LOL. 

I know it is barely Thanksgiving but have you thought about your New Years resolution?  Do you typically make them and do you stick with them, really?

Alright back to my chocolate eating. 

Have a fantabulous weekend everyone!

Look he is taunting me! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

What I'm Lovin'

Can you say Craigslist!  I know you all have heard about it.  Have you bought anything from it?  I have and do often.  We found a Step 2 Car bed for Hayden.  It is so cute.  It looks like this.  He was sooo excited when he got home yesterday afternoon and saw it.  He slept ALL night in his bed, sound asleep.

Step2 Stock Car Convertible Bed - Step2  - Babies"R"Us

Twilight.  Do I even need to say anything else?

Yup. I went to see the midnight showing of Twilight: Breaking Dawn.  Kyleigh and I went.  I am usually not a huge follower of these types of movies i.e. tragic love stories, vampires, etc but I have to admit that I am Team Jacob (although I am old enough to be his mom!).  Now I am super tired. Barely slept a wink last night.  It is going to be a LOOOONG day.  I know my own fault.

Caffeine!  I'm a Pepper this morning.  No coffee.  I have only had one coffee this week.  Trying to cut back a little bit.

Picture o...

Did you know that there is a Dr Pepper Museum in Waco, TX?  Neither did I.  I think that is pretty neat.

What are you lovin this week?  Do you plan on seeing Twilight this weekend?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Last Leg

I think our Dirt Baby may be on his last leg dirt err seed?

I am such a horrible mother.  I forgot to put more water in his glass.  And well, here we are.

Bad hair day?

He looks kinda mad, doesn't he?  I hope he can forgive me.

What do you think he is saying?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reflections of Motherhood

Some of you may have seen this in the past.  I ran across it recently and thought I would share it again. 

Such simple yet beautiful words from these mothers.

My favorites....

It's ok to be scared.

You will make mistakes.

Nobody really knows what they are doing.

Trust your instincts.

It's ok if you want a break.

Forgive yourself.

What would you say to yourself before you had kids?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Operation: Declutter

Did you know it is National Clean Out Your Refridgerator DayWell now you do.  You're welcome.

 Perfect timing too!  Just think how much more room you will have for all your Thanksgiving left overs.

Since my refridgerator is in somewhat decent shape I decided to clean out something else.

It has become very apparent that I need to organize a bit lot in my utensil drawer. 

Half the time I can't even get the drawer open because of all the utensils jammed in there.  You would think this was my junk drawer, huh?

I have way to many utensils.  I am sure I don't even use half of these. 

So I have a plan...

For the next three to four weeks I am going to move any of the items that I actually use out of this drawer and put into my other much more organized drawer. When all is said and done, any items that are still in the utensil drawer, I will be donating. 

What are some of your quick and easy organization tips?


Monday, November 14, 2011

Sweet Anaya ~Flying With The Angels

You may have seen the button on my left sidebar for a few weeks.  This was in honor of Anaya, a 2 year old little girl who had Infantile Krabbe Leukodystrophy.  Although I never met her or her family, I started following their story when they broke down in Salem, Oregon as they were headed south to California from BC.

On their journey down south they were trying to spread awareness about infant screening for this disease.  Currently only two states are required to screen for this disease.  Although, nobody knows what could have been for sweet Anaya had she been screened, at least there may have been a glimmer of hope.  Most children die within the first year after being diagnosed.

Unfortunately, getting to the sunshine was not in God's plan.  

She passed away yesterday surrounded by her family who so obviously loved and adored her.

Her life may have been cut short but she has truly impacted many.  I personally hope that her family continues to crusade in her honor so that other families will not have to go through what they did. 

To read more about her story go to Healing Anaya.

R.I.P Anaya.  May she be flying freely, seeing, hearing, and dancing in heaven under a rainbow of colors.

You have touched the lives of so many.  May your memory continue to live on.

Menu Plan Monday

Good Morning, Monday!

What a weekend!  I need a weekend from my weekend.  Hopefully this week will be a little bit quieter.

I am linking up with I'm An Organizing Junkie for the "yummy" filled Menu Plan Monday.  Need some inspiration for dinners?  Make sure to visit all the links (or some of them anyways because there are lots).


Here is what is on our menu for this week:


Pork Chops w/Gravy
Scalloped Potatoes
Green Salad


"Faux" Chicken N Dumplings
Apple Sauce


Italian Sausage Shepherd's Pie
Banana Wedges


Crunchy Tuna Salad Sandwiches
Carrots & Ranch


Black Bean & Pepper Fajitas  (Meatless)
Spanish Rice


Sweet N Sour Chicken
Teriyaki Noodles


Date Night!

What's cooking in your kitchen?  Share.

Saturday, November 12, 2011



Leaves are swirling

Bare branches aplenty

Sidewalk in golden hues

Fireplaces crackle

Sweaters and vests

I can see my breath

It is getting chilly

Fall is in the air

Six Word Saturday

Finally, it is Saturday.

Work was brutal this week. 

I am linking up with Cate at .  Everybody say "Hi" to Cate. 
"Hi, Cate!"  You can link up to.  What is going on in your life right now in 6 words?

You like my new blog design?

Been working on it this past week with a couple of awesome ladies, Jacqui & Erin.  We got it up and running yesterday.  Woot!  Woot!

I am off to start training for my Portland to Coast this morning.  Every Saturday for the next several months I will be training with some great women.  And then we will pump up the volume a few months before and train much more frequently. 

And Tyler made the competitive 7th-8th grade basketball team so looks like no slowing down for us in the next several months.  Football just got over, was looking forward for a break.  No such luck.

And the big Duck game is on today in case you were wondering what we were doing tonight.  Yup, planting our butts in front of the boob tube to watch it.

Ohh and did you see the giveaways I have going on?

So what do you think of my new design?

Have an AWESOME weekend!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Superstar (s)

So what do you think?  Like the new design and layout?

I am *loving* it!  I couldn't wait to get it all up and running today!

Thank you so much Jacqui from Wacky Jacqui Designs for working so diligently to make it happen.

And of course I can not forget Erin from Samantha's Day Graphic Design who did the header logo with my alter ego.

Both of you ladies worked tirelessly and I so appreciate it! 

Thank you both so much!!!


To all the men and women who have served our country I salute you!  I salute you for your bravery, your unselfish acts of heroism and your loyalty to your country!

To my grandfather, Eugene Otho Ary, who served in WWII and was MIA and  a POW for 43 days, I love, miss you and think of you often.  Nary a day has gone by since you left us (1992) that I don't think of you and all you did for your family and our country.  May you rest in peace.

Image Detail

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Win a Fire Kindle or $250 CASH (2 Winners)

It's that time.  I have teamed up again with a bunch of amazing blogs to bring you a Kindle Fire or $250 cash (winner’s choice!) giveaway!  **What an awesome Christmas present either of these would be**

TWO lucky readers will receive their choice of…

Kindle Fire Option

Cold Hard Cash Option
  • Entrants who select the cash MUST have a PayPal account.
  • $250 cash will be remitted to each winner as a gift via PayPal.
Here is how you enter:

We are using the easy to use Rafflecopter form, which should appear below. If you are having problems viewing the form try refreshing your browser or using another browser.  Still having issues?  Remove your cache files and/or contact me.

Of course you know there are some rules you have to abide by:
  • The Mandatory Entries (in this case, all the entries worth 1) must be done IN FULL or all other entries do not count. Other methods of following are there for extra entries and are optional.
  • Each entry must be accomplished exactly as it is stated.
  •  Each entry type is ONE TIME ONLY no matter which blog you are on (if it’s the Tablet Time giveaway and you’ve already entered it on one blog, it’s the same as entering it on them all). Make sure to leave a VALID email address in the email field so you can be contacted should you win. 
  • If you already follow/like someone via Google Friend Connect, Twitter, Facebook, etc., that’s okay–the entries still count.
  • All entries will be validated for accuracy.

The Giveaway Ends
Friday, November 25, 2011 at 12:01 AM EST
Open to United States Residents Only

I Am Number 20

In case you didn’t hear, which is probably highly unlikely being is was splashed all over the internet and TV the last couple days, The Duggar Family will soon be 19 20 and counting. 

Number 20 is in the womb.

Michelle Duggar is pregnant again and is due this spring.

I have actually revised this post a few different times because the words, they just weren't flowing right.  I am feeling a bit torn on this topic to be perfectly honest because there is a swaying dance between my beliefs on the subject.  And I feel that they might be viewed as somewhat contradictory but I guess that is ok.

Work with me here.

I believe that nobody should determine whether or not someone should or should not use birth control, how many children is the right number for them/their family or whether they should have children at all.  I believe that ALL children are a GIFT from GOD and should be celebrated no matter what birth order number they are.  However I also think there does or should come a time when a decision is made that a family is complete. 

In The Duggar families case, I have read that they do not use contraceptives and they have said time and time again that they will have as many children that GOD allows them to have.

But under the circumstances of her last pregnancy, I think that might have been a sign?  I don’t know if you remember, her last pregnancy, could have resulted in much worse circumstances.  As it is their little girl, Josie, was born premature, had months in the NICU and Michelle herself ended up having health issues herself during this time.  The little girl seems to have come out of everything unscathed and will be turning 2 here shortly but still. 

Maybe 19 was their magic number.

I know that some might say that if it wasn't "meant" to be then she would not be pregnant again, and again, I can see this side of the story too BUT even so. 

At what point, does one say enough is enough?

I just can't imagine what their household is like with so many children?  How can "they" care for so many children?  I think the answer is clear, they really can't which is why a lot of the older children "help out".  Which begs to question, who is "really" parenting the children?  Who is "really" taking care of the children?  I know they home school therefore they are physically with the children most of the time but are they really "with" them?

As an older sister to several brothers when I was growing up and around my younger brothers, not that I didn't love my brothers by any means, but I was still a kid myself and wanted to be a kid, not take care of my parents children.  With that in mind, as a mother with two older children and two younger children, I rarely ask them for help with the littles.  It is not their responsibility.  Not that they wouldn't help if asked and not that they don't love their siblings whole heartily.  But rather they are kids and need to be kids.  The Duggar family says that by having the older ones help them it is teaching them responsibility which I agree but it is also most likely creating some underlying resentment too that although may not be apparent now; it will probably likely manifest as they get older. 

I know some might say that as long as they can support them let them be.  And again to a point, I agree, yet even if you have the means, with each additional child you bring into a family, the costs increase drastically.  At what point does the well run dry?

I don't know... but in light of her last pregnancy issues, I think they are pushing it. 

Although in the end who am I to judge?

What do you think?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

300 Photos for $3.00!!

What a steal this is!

I have been meaning to print some pictures to put in a collage frame I bought months ago...I knew there was a reason why I was waiting.  Ha!

This deal is good through 11/13/11.  Use code:  Spooky300

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Digital Scrapbooking Albums Review & Giveaway

Recently I have been given the opportunity to review Digital Scrapbooking Albums by Liz Reed.  Since I am somewhat lacking the creative gene, digital scrapbooking has been right up my alley. 

No more cutting, pasting, trying to find the perfect arrangement for all my pictures. 

No more spendy tools, paper, embellishments, stickers, printing & cutting photos, etc..

It makes sense.  We (most people anyways) have digital cameras so why not digital scrapbooking.

With Digital Scrapbooking creating your memories is so simple.

Now all you need is your computer!

And the templates are ENDLESS.

Check out some of the templates that are available at Digital Scrapbooking Albums.

photo selections
photo selections

photo selections

Just drop and drag your pictures into the custom-designed templates, and viola - beautiful product... every time!

Right now, Liz is offering TWO winners a FREE 249 page template bundle.  

All you need to do to enter is as follows:

1.  Follow my blog via GFC (1 entry)  **MANDATORY ENTRY**
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Up to 3 entries per person possible.

And if winning a 249 page template bundle isn't enough.  Every Friday on her Facebook page, she does a Free Friday Facebook Post which offers a FREE Digital Scrapbook Layout.  So even if you don't win, you win!

All entries MUST leave comment on this post for EACH entry method.  For current followers, you WILL NOT be automatically entered into this giveaway however if you want to be entered, please leave comment that you are already a follower and proceed with #2 and #3 for the additional entry.

This giveaway is open to US and International.  It starts today November 8, 2012 and runs through Tuesday, November 22, 2011.  Two winners will be selected randomly via

Good Luck!

Monday, November 7, 2011

No Kid Hungry

Growing up with just mainly my dad, times were definitely tough to say the least.  I remember often times good balanced meals were hard to come by.  It seemed like around pay day food was plentiful but as the days wore on deeper into the month it would be slim pickings.  Too much month at the end of the money my dad used to say. 

I don't recall ever really going *hungry* per se but I do know we struggled to put food on the table at times.  Many times dinner consisted of processed carbohydrate laden foods because those were filling and cheap. 

  • Hamburger Helper
  • Top Ramen
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Spaghetti
  • Breakfast for dinner (typically pancakes)
Several years around the holidays, I remember vividly being the recipient of food baskets, invites to the local VFW for free holiday meals, etc.  Don't get me wrong I am not looking for pity or sympathy because in the end it has helped shape who I am today in a positive way. I know we are truly blessed in so many ways and I thank GOD every single day.

Because of these experiences growing up I have much more compassion for those that are less fortunate than I.  And I have tried to be a huge advocate in helping those in need.  Especially near and dear to my heart are the number of children that go hungry not only in the US but in many places.  This is why I want to share the No Kid Hungry program with you.

The No Kid Hungry program has been battling the barriers of child hood hunger for the past 25 years.  With people like you and me, they hope to accomplish something phenomenal by the year 2015; ENDING CHILDHOOD HUNGER.

I am not asking for money but rather for you to spread the word about this campaign and take the pledge.  Add your voice, your blog, your twitter feed, your facebook to help end childhood hunger in the US.

It only takes a few minutes.

Menu Plan Monday

Monday, I really want to break up with you.  I don't like you anymore.  The only thing going for Monday's is Menu Plan Monday at I'm An Organizing JunkieWant to join in the festivities?  Post your weekly menu and then link up.

Many of the meals this week are from my Dinner is Ready program.  These are quick and easy meals that you can make ahead, freeze and then reheat.


Stuffing Meatloaf
Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes
Mixed Vegetables


Cheesy Chicken & Rice
Green Salad


Cornbread Squares with Bean Dressing
Spanish Rice


Creamy Mayo Chicken


Biscuit Beef Bake
Green Beans


Winter Jam 2011


Pizza & Pop **Big Duck Game**

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ahh, How Cute...Puppies vs Babies.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies. All opinions are 100% mine.

They both are tiny.  They both smell delightful (most of the time).  I *love* the smell of puppy breath, don't you?  And the little rolls under the babies chin or tiny toes of a baby.  Ahh, heaven.  They are both soft, cute and cuddly. And maybe even a bit furry.  Remember when your baby was born that little layer of fuzz they had.

Anytime I see a newborn baby, I just want to smell it, touch it, hold it, but now that I think about it, I want to do this to puppies too.
This is going to be a tougher than I thought.  Puppies vs Babies which are cuter?


If you haven't heard Animal Planet had a  Puppies vs. Babies online contest not too long ago and now it is time to vote.

Did you get a chance to send your pictures in?  Did your baby or puppy make the cut?

Voting starts now and goes through November 23rd, 2011.  And the winner of the cutest baby or puppy will win $5000.00!

Who will be crowned the cutest puppy or baby?  Get your vote in now at Puppies vs. Babies.

If I had to choose based on my babies, OF COURSE they would win by a long shot but I didn't enter unfortunately . I'm not biased or anything but all of my babies have been perfect (and then they turned two).  They are still cute and cuddly but don't necessarily always smell that pleasant any longer kinda like most puppies too.  Don't get me wrong I love puppies but in the end I think babies win my heart.

Check out this picture of my little girl.  The look on her face, if I had to guess what she was thinking it would be "Are you talking to me?"


Make sure you vote before it is too late at  Puppies vs. Babies and come back and comment who you voted for.  I am curious.
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Six Word Saturday

Good morning! 

I haven't linked up with Cate for a few weeks and I am going through withdrawals.  LOL.  You can link up too at

My kids get up to early.

Even when they go to bed a little bit later than usual which they did last night since it was Friday, they still get up at the butt crack of dawn.  Why is that?

I am typing this out while they are still mellow and not bouncing off the walls or climbing all over me.

Hayden didn't take a nap yesterday at preschool and Kaylyn's naps are pretty short these days so you would think their little bodies would be tired. 

We have a full day today so hopefully they won't be grumpy wompass'.

See you later.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice & Men Frogs.

I always wanted to use that title now I have kind of-ish.

Here are a few pics of our mouse and frog from Halloween.  I didn't get too many because in the midst of our Halloween celebration, we had an emergency with our oldest daughter. 

Luckily, Daddy was able to come home from work quickly and still take them trick or treating.  And as always they made out with a lot of loot.  Hayden even went in his first haunted house and didn't even get scared.

Ohh and here are a few pics of them at Liepold Pumpkin Patch last weekend.


Yeah, that was Kaylyn bailing on pictures.  She had enough.  And as you notice Hayden is always doing a goofy face.  I think the first picture above is the best picture of the day, at least they were both looking at the camera.

And carving pumpkins with Daddy.

 Kaylyn wasn't too fond of the goo-goo in the pumpkins so she opted to just watch.

The finished product.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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