Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Confessions Of A Non Superwoman #26

Wow.  I just looked up my last "Confessions Of A Non Superwoman" post and it was back in Feb?  Whatttt? 

Yeah, that is what I am saying.  I know I have had lots of confessions but apparently I didn't want to blog about them...Who knows. 

So here goes it.

1.  I made banana nut bread tonight. That was my dinner.  Ohh and I went to put chocolate chips in them and alas there were none.  Where did they go?  I made some banana nut bread over the weekend and used some and between making the batches, a handful in the mouth here, a handful in a mouth there...All gone.

2.  We moved almost 2 months ago and I still have 3 boxes sitting in my living room....waiting patiently.  (Don't even get me started on what still remains in boxes in the garage...that is a whole 'nother post).

3.  My check engine light came on, then went off.  Then came back on.  Not sure if I should be concerned.  I keep driving the car.  I should probably get it checked before I break down on the side of the road.  Right?

4.  I wrote a real heavy post a couple weeks ago about my depression and I must admit it felt good to get off my chest but it doesn't feel like much has changed yet.  Always a WORK.IN.PROGRESS.  (Aren't we all?)

5.  I just realized that my last Confession post in February, the previous one to that was in November.  And I started out the post with a similar opening.  My bad.  I need to get more original, huh?

6.  I have hard wood floors now...they are nice but I just can't keep up.  I sit in the living room and can see the dust, cat hair, etc all over when the sun shines in the back door.  And I just can't relax until I get up and sweep for the billionth time.  A little obsessive probably but what about you, is there any chore that you regularly do and HAVE to do otherwise you can not relax?

7.  I was suppose to go to my companies new building for a BBQ after work tomorrow.  I forgot to RSVP.  Guess, I am not going. 

8.  I really need to find quality after school care for Hayden now that he will be going to a different school for 1st grade.  I am not doing a very good job at it and only have a couple more weeks.  I called a few places. Super duper expensive!  (I only need care for 1 1/2 hrs by the time he gets out of school vs when I get home and most places want to charge for min of 4 hours which is considered part time). 

9.  I bought a short cheap hose for our back yard a couple weeks ago and the spout that connects to the spicket already broken.  Nice, huh.  I guess that is what I get for buying a cheap one?  My own fault I guess.  You get what you pay for.

10.  School clothes shopping is coming up this month and I have been so bad, I haven't even looked at our budget and added those extra expenses into the equation....Uggghhh....

I think that is it for now.  I'm good.

How are you?  Do you have anything you want to get off your chest.  Anything eating at you?  Doesn't have to be anything life altering...can be funny, serious, whatever.  We are all in this together.

Talk to you soon.


Ok, so this picture has nothing to do with this post but I thought it was funny...and this is the kind of mood I am in at the moment....A little mischievous.  LOL.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

VBS. Over & Out

Last week was our church's VBS.

The theme was Kingdom Rock.

This is the first year of several that I did not volunteer.  If you read this post, you know why.

It was nice to get a couple hour reprieve each nigh.  I dropped Hayden off at VBS and then to only have the little to hang out with. It was like a mini vacation.  I hope that doesn't sound terrible.  It is not meant to.  It is nice though to have some one on one time with Miss K.  And I knew Hayden was in good hands and would have a great time, which he did.

I did however go back to the church each night to hang out the last half hour or so, when they are in the sanctuary reviewing what they learned that night, sing a few songs and dance.  I just couldn't stay away.  And it is awesome to see all the kids praising GOD and "Stay Strong".  That was part of the Kingdom Rock Stay Strong, no matter what life throws your way, when you live by the word and trust in him, he will help you through it along with your friends and family.  Such a great message and easy concept for even the youngest.

As part of the tithing this week the kids brought money to help buy Compassion Water for Life kits.  My friend Jill did an amazing job (of course) every night presenting this.  And in the end, the kids brought enough money for 5 kits!  5 kits!  How amazing is that?  Jill had only hoped for 2 but the kids rallied up!  If you want to read more about each day of her presentations, make sure to visit her blogs posts. 

VBS Day 1
VBS Day 2
VBS Day 3
VBS Day 4
VBS Day 5

VBS.  Over & Out.  Until next year.

Do your children attend VBS?  What was your theme this year? 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Isn't that the understatement of the year?

I have been compiling some funnies from the last couple weeks and thought I would share.

On the 4th of July after a full long day of sun and fireworks, we were on our way home around 11pm that all tuckered out, fell fast asleep within minutes of getting on the highway...

But alas....Hayden must of have been either faking or sleep talking because about 10 minutes in he pops up and says, "Are polar bears mean?"

I started busting up laughing, looked puzzled at my husband, because remember 2 seconds ago he was sound asleep.  And that was that.  Back to sleep he went.

Then the other night we were snuggling in bed reading books and you know that book I Love You Forever?  (One of my all time favorite books to read to the kids)...Anyways, after we were finished I was telling the kids how much I loved them and I had said that I loved them to the moon, across the ocean and back.... to which Hayden replies, "I love you more than your fat belly".  DOH!  So wasn't the nicest but was still funny none the less.  Of course, I had to chuckle because it was obviously with no ill intent, just a kid being a kid, saying the first thing that comes to mind. (Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself....)  (BTW, I am still working on losing weight, it is still a work in progress just like pretty much everything else these days).

And last but not least, I am my youngest daughters best friend.  Only me.  Nobody else and she will make sure you and anyone else knows at any given time.  Almost daily and multiple times a day she tells me I am her best friend.  MELTS.MY.HEART.  I know one day that probably won't be the case so I am going to cherish it while it lasts.

(2 of the 4, anyways)

Hope you have a fantabulous end to the week.  Happy Friday (a day early since I am posting this right now, tonight, Thursday; in case there was any confusion)!

Ok, really night!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Whole Lotta Randomness

  • The other night when I went to program my ex husbands name into my "newish" phone, the spell check alternate to his name was "chaos".  How fitting.  Thought that was HILARIOUS.  Ok, maybe not so much.  Is that mean spirited?
  • Am I the only one that notices we need toilet paper?  And of course it is always when "I" need it.  Go figure.
  • I made Stir Fry tonight for dinner and used a new marinade.  It was ahhhsome.  Have you ever tried World Harbor Maui Mountain Teriyaki?
  • Our churchs' VBS is next week.  I haven't registered the littles yet.  My bad.  And I didn't volunteer this year; first year in several years.  Just need a break.
  • I slept on the couch last night and actually got a great nights sleep.  It was so hot upstairs. 
  • I swear I sweep my floors 10 billion times a day.  I really need to invest in a power sweeper or whatever they are called.
  • I finally called to get our cable installed tomorrow.  Not very excited about that.  I really don't think we need it.  We have done without it now for over a month.  But the boys want it for the sports channels, you know how that goes.  And I guess if I am to be honest, it is nice late in the evening when the littles are winding down, to turn on Sprout or something. 
  • I have a million squashes. That looks funny.  I did however look it up really quick to make sure it was correct for plural.  I was going to use squashes'.  From the garden.  Unfortunately, not from my garden but from grandma and grandpas garden.  I am going to take some into work tomorrow and I am sure they will find homes quickly. 
  • We went to the park tonight and some kids, they are just mean.  Mean, I tell you.  I thought about saying something but since they weren't being mean to my children I figured I should probably not.  Although, I do wonder where the parents are.  There were a couple kids that were about the same age of Hayden, who is 6, just hanging out with some other kids not much older than them.
Alright that's it for now...I purged my thoughts enough and I am getting kinda sleepy.  Shower and then to bed.  530am comes too early.  Have a great night!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

{Real Life} Authentic

When I say authentic, what do you think? 

People that speak the truth?  No hiding behind a vail of perfectness or autonomous?

People that are transparent? Putting it all out there, the good, the bad, the ugly?

People who say what they mean and mean what they say?

Here is the definition of authentic.


not false or copied; genuine; real: an authentic antique.

Genuine.  I forgot Genuine.

I wrote a blog post the other day about the depression that I suffer with and it was as authentic as they come.  Although, it is not something that I have hidden as I have written about it before, it is not something that I write about all the time; I have not let it consume me or this blog. 

Does that make me not authentic? 

The reason why I ask is because I try to keep it real on this here blog sharing a lot of the good, the bad, the ugly (hence many of my confessional posts) but there are things that again although I share at times, I don't dwell on them in this medium.  I don't even share them with everyone in my real life circle.  I don't however want people to think I am not authentic because I am not always sharing that part of me NOR do I write about it (battling depression) for sympathy either.  I know I am not the only one.  I write it so people can gain that connection with me; see that I am just like many of you out there and if I help someone, support someone or someone supports me along the way; win-win. 

My life is not perfect.  No ones is.  We all have our demons.  Some of us battle with physical illness, mental illness, money issues, relationship issues, self esteem issues, body image, addiction in one form or name it.    Even those who we see with the most glamorous life.  We only see what they want us to see (RIP Cory Monteith).  I can go on and on but won't. I think you get the picture.

We, you and me, we are similar.  We are not SUPERWOMAN.  I know I have said that a million times before on this blog over the past couple years, kind of the premise of the shatter the stereotypes, that although we think we can have it all and do it all, that is OUR expectations (not necessarily that of others as so clearly pointed out a couple days ago by a dear friend), but when it comes right down to it, most of us can't or don't...something is going to suffer and we have to accept that.  The way I see it is as long as the important things are taken care of i.e. your faith in GOD, your family, your health, that is what really matters.  That is what I am trying to do.  Everything else aside. 

Need some support?  What do you suffer from?  If you don't feel comfortable leaving a comment; private email me at iamnotsuperwoman at

P.S. I truly am sorry about all the heavy {Real Life} posts lately....they have been weighing me down.  Wait no, I'm is what it is.  Read it, digest it, think about it, comment on it or not.  It is up to you.

Friday, July 12, 2013

{Real Life} The "D" Word

It sneeks up on me, like a cat ready to pounce.  I don't see it coming and before you know it is is there.  It is back with a vengence.  I'm just going along minding my own business and it decides to rear its ugly head, uninvited.  All was going swimmingly well, so I thought...then I get in a rut, a funk if you will.  Living like a hermit.  Doing what I need to do, just to get by.  Nothing more.  Invites come, turned down, don't feel all that much like socializing. 

So unmotivated. Tired. Even lethargic at times. Crabby. Anxiety ridden and so easily overwhelmed by normal day to day tasks.  All hope sometimes seems lost.  Alarm goes off and all I want to do is just pull the covers back over my head and sleep the day away.  I so would if I could sometimes.  But I don't.  I roll out of bed, trudge through the day; 7 days a week.  Pretending. 

Go to work, do my job.  Put on a happy face.  Come home, run errands, work some more, take care of the kids, cook dinner, clean up, fall into bed if I am lucky around 10 or so.  Exhausted.  Weekends roll around, more housework, hours of time to rest.  Still exhausted.  Repeat.

Time for medication again.  I was hoping I was over that hump but no such luck.  I thought I had it under control. I think I was just ignoring it, masking it. Pretending.  I was getting pretty good at that.

Depression.  Disgusting. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Date On A Dime

My husband and I, we don't get much alone time these days.  Between opposite work schedules, 3 kids to attend to, normal day to day stuff..Yeah, like two ships passing in the wind. 

No real recent date nights that I can recall anyways (obviously they were not very memorable or well, we need to bring Sexy Back, no Suit & Tie needed because we only have "20 dollars in my pocket" ...So what is a girl to do?

 Date On A Dime (At Home).

Sunday night my husband did bath/bedtime duty while I ran to the grocery store and Redbox.

I bought a bottle of wine (Flip Flop Moscato), some strawberries, brie cheese, and crackers.  I rented Side Effects with Channing Tatum & Jude Law (good eye candy).  Kind of a weird movie though. 

Here is what it cost.

Flip Flop Moscato Wine $5.49
Strawberries $2.99 pint
Brie Cheese $4.00
Crackers $1.66
Redbox Movie Free (Had promo code)


Not too shabby, huh?  Way less than dinner/drinks/movie out.  Heck that wouldn't even get us both into a matinee movie.  And no need for a baby sitter either!  Score! (Not that we really ever have to pay a sitter when going out on weekends, thanks to a nearby wonderful grandma).

I think I may have to date my husband at home more!  We would save lots of money, that is for sure.

Cheers to keeping it cheap & simple!

Do you date your spouse?  What are some frugal date ideas that you do?

This post brought to you by JT and Makelmore.  LOL.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

{Food} Taste The Rainbow

Courtesy of our local Gresham Farmers Market.

Ms. Kay and I went to the farmers market yesterday. It always provides wonders for all of the senses.

From the smell of the garlic aroma permeating through the air from the wood fired pizza, the visually pleasing eye popping colors of all the fruits and vegetables on display straight from the farm, the sweet chocolaty taste of Mama's mini donuts dancing on our taste buds to the music from the latest local band ringing in our ears.   

AND the weather was perfect too!  A little bit of cloud cover but warm enough to still wear shorts and a tshirt.  What a delightful morning we had!

Tonight I made two of our dinner items from my farmers market haul.

Baked Red Potatoes, Zucchini & Squash

 I added a mixture of spices, a little bit of garlic salt, a dash of dill, and a sprinkle of salt & pepper.

Mmm, man o'man, did it turn out good and the smell drifting through our house, nothing better.

Green Salad
(Red Leaf Lettuce, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Radishes, Green Onions)

We paired these with Honey BBQ Chicken.  Delish!

And now, I have Mediterranean Zucchini Chips baking in the oven.  You will have to check back in a few days to see how those turned out.  I can't wait to try them.

Friday, July 5, 2013

What To Do. What To Do.

>>>>Picked up house to my liking.  Check.  (which is a tough feat in itself being the perfectionist ahhummm OCD that I am)

>>>>Laundry started.  Check.

>>>>Floors swept.  Check.  (for the billionth time today)

>>>>Two children at a baseball game at nearby park.  Check.

>>>>One child crashed out on the couch. Check.

<<<<Me. Essentially alone with a computer/keyboard at my fingertips.  Check.

What To Do.  What To Do.


I have missed you.  I really have.  I find when I don't blog I am more anxiety ridden, even if it is about stupid stuff that I am blogging about.  It is an outlet, a hobby if you will, that allows a space just for me, my thoughts.  Nobody else can touch it.  It is all mine.  Do you think that is weird? 

I used to blog almost daily.  I would even get ahead and blog on the weekends and schedule the posts during the week if I knew I was going to have a crazy week (which was more often than not)...but then I think I got a little burnt out.  Which happens to us all, I know.  So I toned it back a little bit not totally by choice, it just happened naturally but now over the last couple months I have really wanted to blog more often, but for some reason was missing the inspiration as well as the time which ultimately made me grumpy.

I don't have many hobbies.  Blogging is one.  And I just started to neglect it and I really need to get back into the saddle because it allowed me MY time.  I crave that time.  I want that time.  I need that time.  Even if it is just 1/2 hour a day writing crap stuff that nobody is really reading, you know.  Or maybe they are.  I still do have some loyal followers/readers, although my numbers have gone down considerably, rightfully so.  Somebody still reads me.  So I shall still continue to blog.  I think I would blog even if nobody read it. 

Why do you blog? 

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