Saturday, April 30, 2011

Six Word Saturday

This is becoming quite habit forming.

Once again I am linking up with  Please join us.

It's beautiful in Portland. Playing outside!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

Friday, April 29, 2011


I check my stats every now and again.  See who is stopping by.  Making sure someone is reading my rants.  If I am not familiar with the site I often times will click on the link in the traffic sources area.  I like to visit back most of the time.  If someone has taken the time to visit my site/blog, the least I can do is visit their site/blog, right?  Fair enough?

I happened to do this the other day on a link that I wasn't familiar with.

Man, oh, man how I wish I hadn't done that. 

The name was very generic so I had no clue as to the surprise that lay ahead.   Imagine the shock on my face as I clicked the link and up popped a very *adult* like site.  No warning.  BAM!  There it was!

I have never closed a screen so fast in my life and thank god, the children were not around.  Then I went to my tools and erased all memory of this site.  Heaven forbid, someone gets on the computer, drops the address bar down and visits this site again.  ICK!

I scratch my head and wonder how this traffic source found my blog?   Very disturbing.

Has anyone else had this happen? 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friday Blog Hops

TGIF Blog Hop

Smart and Trendy Moms

Stuff My Dad Says

You heard of the show *^%$ My Dad Says? 

My dad had a bunch of funny sayings he used to say to me....that now of course I have incorporated into my vocabulary as a parent...I keep catching myself saying these funny sayings so I thought I would share them.

Your Crusin for a Bruisin (he wasn't abusive or anything so don't think that by the saying)

He would sometimes ask me if I needed an Attitude Adjustment when I was being a pill which was often rare. (First couple times he said this, I thought this was a good thing...and then I wised up)

Of course he always called me and my cousins, Rugrats, long before the show since I was born in the 70's.

When I would whine and whine and whine, he would ask me if I wanted some cheese with that whine (wine)?  (that is a big one I say these days to our 3 yr old)

Were you born in barn?  For some reason we could NEVER shut the doors.  (Light bulb goes off; this is where our 3 yr old gets it.  I can't get that kid to shut the screen door or doors in general for that matter to save my life)

Stick it in your ear.  (He would say this when I would say something quite outlandish; kinda like "Your pulling my leg")

Stick it in your nose.  (Same as the above)

To the Moon (in reference to The Honeymooners.  I wrote a post about this awhile back)

When it was time to go to bed, he would always sing that Sha-Na-Na song, Good Night Sweetheart.  Remember that song?  I can hear my dad singing it now.

I am sure there are tons more but these are the ones that quickly come to mind.

Do you have any funny sayings that your mom or dad said when you were growing up that now have become part of your vocabulary?  Please share them.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Ok, so maybe not so wordless.

From Easter...

To Halloween.....

All in the same day.

Thank you Easter Bunny! Woof! Woof!


I don't usually shop at Walmart because it is so overwhelming...

Too many people...
Too big of a store...
Too many selections...
Too bright...
Sometimes too dirty...
Too many check out lanes (and over half not even open)...
Too many carts...

I could go on....

I pull into the parking lot and many times I end up making a quick detour out  the next entry/exit.  The number of cars in the parking lot alone give me anxiety because I know for each car there is probably at *least* two people.

I am not anti social, not afraid of big crowds nor do I have a medical social anxiety disorder....I just don't *like* Walmart.  Plain and simple.


Yes, there is always a but...

I think I am going to have to get over *it* because they take other stores coupons now!  Did you hear?  Walmart takes other stores coupons.  Follow the link to get all the details.  I know they updated their coupon policy about a month ago but apparently I am a little slow.  Actually, I have known about it since the update but just didn't have a post to share it in until now.

Albertsons used to do that therefore that was always my "go to" store but now that Walmart is picking up the slack...being the frugal person that I am, I am going to have to bite the bullet and shop there...Maybe not all the time but at least some of the time.

I do think however I am going to shop during off hours, like my daughter does.  Seriously, she shopped at Walmart a few nights ago in the middle of the night.  I know a bit crazy.  Kinda funny too that she works at another competitor who will remain anonymous but shops there.  And did I mention my frugalness has rubbed off on her and then some?  I would even say she has me beat most of the time. 

She came home one night after a trip to Walgreen's where she bought (8) containers of the Physicians Formula foundation (originally I think $13.99 each) and walked out spending $1.83 if I recall.  She had BOGO coupons, plus rewards, plus regular coupons..I was astounded.  She did a similar thing for a bunch of cleaning products that she now has on hand at her new apartment.  Hope they are being put to good use because when she was at home, I think she was *allergic* to cleaning products. 

I did find a pair of shoes at Walmart today that I will brag about because they were only $10.00!  Figured you can't beat that.  Hopefully, they will hold up for awhile.  I am not the typical woman in the sense that I love shoes.  I don't.  I have many pairs but yet I still gravitate to a select few pairs.  Namely black and comfortable.

Cute?  I know nothing to write home about.  I like them though and since I am wearing them that is all that matters, right? 

Where do you tend to shop the most? 

Have you found some good deals lately that you want to brag about?

Do you use coupons?   How much money do you save on average?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

And the winners of The Happiest Mom Book Giveaway are.....

Drumroll, please.....

As chosen by

The first winner is:

True Random Number Generator 24 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Story Girl!

And the second winner is:

True Random Number Generator 30 Powered by RANDOM.ORG


Congrats to both of you!  I will be contacting you via email to get your address.

Hope you both enjoy the book! 

The Happiest Mom (Parenting Magazine): 10 Secrets to Enjoying Motherhood

Thank you to Meagan Francis, Parents Magazine and her publishers for making this giveaway possible.

And thank you to everyone else who entered and follows my blog.  Without your loyal following this blog of course wouldn't exist! 

Have a Happy Monday!

Menu Plan Monday

 I am a Rookie.  This is my first time linking up with Menu Plan Monday over at I'm An Organizing Junkie!

I am so excited!  I can't wait to check out some of the other bloggers menu plans.  Hope you check them out too! 

Monday:  Goulash!  & Green Salad.  Everyone in our house loves Goulash and it so easy to make (and cheap!).

Tuesday: Cheese Quesedillas & Spanish Rice (Brown Rice w/Salsa)

Wednesday: Breakfast (Scrambled Eggs, Toast, Sausage)

Thursday: (3) Bean Chili & Cornbread (Black Beans, Kidney Beans, Garbanzo Beans) 

Friday:  Chicken Stir Fry & Rice

Saturday:  We will be at a wedding so whatever they are serving!

What are you making for dinner this week?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Blog Hop & Giveaway Linky

So Followed Saturday


giveaway linky

Six Word Saturday

Another Saturday I am linking up with  Check it out!

Much to do, so little time!

I don't even know where to begin!  I still have house to clean, eggs to dye, eggs to hunt, Easter baskets to stuff, grocery store to shop, food to cook, laundry to fold.....

Wake me when it is over! (another 6 words)

How bout you? 

Happy Easter! 

Friday, April 22, 2011

We Hired A "New" Gardener

We hired a new gardener to mow our lawn. 

She is kinda new to the profession but came highly recommended.

And she comes pretty cheap too!

All she asked for is some bubbles.  I think we can fit that into our budget.

Her brother wasn't so sure she could really handle the job.

So he showed her the ropes.

"Faux" Chicken N Dumplings

So once again I cheated...I admit....I have said this before and I will say it again, I am not superwoman!

This is another "short cut" meal w/only 5 ingredients.

I made "Faux" Chicken N Dumplings last night for dinner.


1-2lbs chicken thighs or breast (whichever you prefer or is in your budget)
16-32 oz bag of frozen mixed vegetables
(2) can of Condensed Mushroom Soup
1-2 cans of biscuits
1/2 can of milk


1. Preheat oven to 375
2. In a 13x9 casserole dish mix the frozen vegetables, 2 cans of soup and 1/2 can of milk. Set aside.
3. Slice chicken thighs/breast into small pieces.
4. Coat frying pan with EVOO or cooking spray, cook chicken thigh/breast on med heat until golden brown.
5. Mix chicken thigh/breast in with the mixed vegetables/mushroom soup.
6. Place biscuits on top of chicken/vegetables.
7. Cook for 15-20 mins, flip biscuits over and cook for another 15-20 mins until both sides of the biscuits are golden brown but the middle is still a little soft. 

Note:  When cooked this way the biscuits will not rise very much and be careful when you flip them because the bottom of biscuit will be gooey.

The biscuits will not be completely done.  You want them kinda gooey like dumplings but obviously cooked enough so they aren't raw.  Use your own discretion. 

And there you have it.  A bowl of  all around yummyness. 

Chicken N Dumplings just like grandma used to make just much easier (Ok, maybe that was stretching it a bit). 

MMMM, MMM, Good!

I am linking this recipe up to Not Just A Housewife and Tasty Tuesday.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Sock" It To Me

This is the dryer.

That dried the sock.

That hitched a ride.

In the arm of my shirt on Tuesday.

As I was sitting at my desk, lifting my coffee to my mouth, I couldn't help but notice my newly bulging bicep.

I decided to investigate.

And this is what I found.

One lonely sock, rolled up in a ball, just hanging out, waiting patiently to be discovered.

I am just glad it wasn't a pair of underwear.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

By George, I've Got It!

Who needs a fancy smancy sandwich maker....

Cuisinart WM-SW2 Sandwich Grill, Brushed Chrome

Or an over priced Panini Press...

Bella Cucina 13267 Panini Maker

When you have George! 

I have had him for years and he has never done me wrong.  Always there when I need him.  I cook tons of meat on him and even make hot sandwiches on him!  George Rocks!

Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwiches with Tomato Soup.  This is what I cooked up for dinner tonight.


Do you have a George Foreman Grill?  What do you like to cook on it?

**This is not a paid endorsement. 70% OFF Ends TODAY !! 70% off gift certificates.

Promo Code:  Enjoy


Confessions Of A Non-Superwoman #3

1.  I made Stouffers Frozen Lasagna for dinner Monday night!  (Gasp!)  Kids loved it!

2.  I had 3 "main" items on the Must Be Done list for this past weekend and guess what?  I didn't do them! (and they were pretty simple but instead decided to go to the Saturday Market with the family)

3. I realized last night when taking of Hayden's socks that they were dirty.  They were the same socks he wore the day before. (I hope he changed his underwear)

4.  I have yet to get all the goodies for the kids Easter baskets nor have I made an appt for Easter/Spring pictures.  AND we haven't even colored eggs yet either! 

5.  I am really considering instead of doing a traditional Easter dinner that I may do a BBQ instead.  We are hosting it (and cooking most of the food) so I can decide what I am serving, right?

Go to fullsize image

Hope you are having a great hump day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do You Spoonflower?

I ran across this website in my Real Simple magazine (which can I say I just adore getting each and every month) called Spoonflower.

Have you heard of it? 

Now I am not a sewer by any means.  I can barely thread a needle to sew a seam in my pants.  So I will pass this awesome site on to others who really sew.

Maybe you have seen it already?

I thought it was a pretty neat idea and I don't even sew. 

Instead of buying a ream of fabric that when you get home it may or may not match much in your house afterall, go to Spoonflower, design your own material, upload a pattern or image and then choose the type of cloth.  You can then "try" before you "buy", order your swatch for $5.00.

Pretty neat, huh?

Pass it along.....

View Image

**This is NOT a paid endorsement nor has an affliate link.  This is a cool website IMO that I wanted to share.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

View from Here

Where is here? 

Portland, Oregon of course.

Home of the HOTTEST MLS Ticket!  The Portland Timbers!  (Sold Out First Home Game!  And they won!)

Home of the Trailblazers!  (In the play offs)

Home of Voo-Doo Donuts (world reknowed) and Powells City of Books! Did I mention CITY, yes the bookstore is a city block.  Any book you could ever imagine, they probably have it! 

The "cycling" capital of the Pac NW.


The "famous" (I think) Saturday Market!

We finally were able to make it down to the Saturday Market.  Even though it was a bit cold and drizzly we made the best of it.

We walked around.  People watched.  Stared. At the sliver "statue" man. 

Did a little shopping.  Had an awesome lunch.

We even saw Elvis!  I have a picture to prove it. And Jimi Hendrix but he was camera shy.

What did you do today?

Saturday Giveaway Parade

giveaway linky

I am linking up again with A Nut In a Nutshell Giveaway linky...Check out all the cool giveaways on her site. 

And if you haven't entered my giveaway, please do so! Ends 4/23/11.

Even if you are already a follower, you can still enter by commenting on the post and you can gain additional entries by following me on twitter and liking The Happiest Mom on FB.  Just make sure you leave a comment on the post for it to count.  **LOW ENTRIES**


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Six Word Saturday

The oldest has flown the coop!

Visit for more Six Word Saturday participants! 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Removing the Mask! (300th Post)

Ok, let's be in the blog world, we often times live under a mask, live a bit of a facade. Often times, many of us only share the good parts of our lives.

How bout lets start getting real!

I am not perfect, you're not perfect. We all know that so fess up.

I found this awesome linky party over at Not Just A Housewife where we can share some of our "moments" of insanity, meltdowns, screw ups, etc and have no fear.  Nobody is going to judge you, make fun of you, belittle you....

Come join the fun! I bet you will feel so much better when you go check out some of the other gaffes.

You really are not alone!

Friday Blog Hops


Ticker Tape Ramblings

I always joke about what people would see if I had a ticker tape running across my forehead.  Sometimes my thoughts are just so wacky, to say the least, and very random.  I could be thinking about what I am going to cook for dinner and then remember that I need to buy more toilet paper, just so off the wall in relation to one another. 

This is what my ticker tape is saying right now....

I need a zip drive for my brain so I can remember everything. 

I need more post it notes.  I should have bought more when I was at Target the other day.

It's 1255am, why the heck am I up and blogging?  I hate insomnia.

Our daughter is moving out today.  She is actually packing the last bit of stuff as I type this.  I know she is a big girl and will do just fine but I will still miss her.

Cereal is so much better in the middle of the night.

Man, I could be and should be cleaning my house.  It is a mess.  What happened to it?

Our son is going to Acquire The Fire tonight/tomorrow with our church youth group.  This is his first year.  I hope he has fun.

Easter is rapidly approaching.  I better go get some Easter bunny treats for the kids this weekend before I get stuck with all the leftovers.

Talking about Easter, I better make a few calls and make sure our family knows we are doing dinner at our house this year.

Yesterday was my nephew Calib's first birthday.  How I wish him and my brother/sister in law were closer in proximity to us.  They live back east.

I can't sleep.  I hate not being able to sleep.  I know I am going to be paying for it in a few hours. Coffee will be my best friend.

It is so crazy busy at work right now.  I don't know which way is up.  So many things I need to accomplish today.

I need some new throw rugs.

I hate Peeps.  (I will probably get some back lash for this one)

We have a couple mice that seem to like to visit under our kitchen cupboard where we keep the trash can.  We set a trap there the other day.  No mice just yet.  They are onto us.

I really hope it is nice this weekend.  I would love to be able to go to the Saturday Market and walk around.

Shoot, I need to buy a wedding present.  We have a friends wedding we are going to on the 30th.

I better check my email.  I haven't done that in a few days.

I think I better try to go back to sleep. 

I have to order T's pictures online this morning.

Good morning!

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