Monday, September 13, 2021

Even If Mundane {For Lack Of Motivation}

 To Do List. Got to love'em, right?  Ha! Not!

BUT I do however make them almost EVERY.SINGLE.DAY because if I don't well...complete and utter lack of motivation (Thank you depression).  AND I literally put almost everything I can think of that needs to be accomplished each day on that list. 


Even the most mundane items. Like "Throw Out Old Produce." Seems like something like that would be second nature NOT.FOR.ME.  Reminders are good AND when I have a list of say 10-15 line items that include some of those easy, peasy simple tasks...I can mark those off pretty quickly AND then BAM!  Productivity! Yes, it is a mind Jedi trick I play on myself. So when I am able to scratch off say only 5 line items, I feel, I feel accomplished. I feel more motivation. I feel like I have been productive...even if only the slightest bit. Try it. (and the other items, they will carry over into the next day because tomorrow is a new day).

You're welcome! 

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Life Hack {For Depression}

 If you suffer from depression, like I do...there are days, many days in the week,  that I can barely function and get out of bed..but I do because well...LIFE.

With that in mind, I have learned to keep a routine. It is a pretty simple routine but routine never the less.

1) Set alarm to get up at the same time EVERY.DAY (even if you really don't need to get up nor have any place to go)

2) Get out of bed.

3) Take a shower.

4) Get dressed.

5) Do your hair, put make up on, etc

See now that wasn't that hard. I know when I do the above it helps me get out of the funk and SHOW UP...Maybe not for the whole day but it definitely helps set me up for some success in the morning hours. AND that is progress! 

What life hacks do you have to help with your depression?

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Friday, September 10, 2021

I Am...

 I Am....

---a beautiful blooming lotus gracefully appearing above the murky waters.

---a phoenix rising from the red hot smoldering ashes.

--a volcano simmering ready to erupt.

--a sparrow taking flight high above the trees.

--a lion pacing side to side waiting to attack its prey.

I Am...

--beautifully broken yet wonderfully made.

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