Wednesday, March 27, 2013

At Which I Pull My Hair Out


But man sometimes....

It is overwhelming...being a parent (tell you something you didn't already know, right?)

We cook together.

We explore together.

We read books together. 

We play together.

We learn together.

We watch cartoons together.

We love and snuggle.

But literally the second I sit down, when they are otherwise preoccupied...for just a sec and I think ohh I can breath...all h-e-double-hockey sticks, breaks lose.  You know what I am talking about.

Now they want your undivided attention or NEED your undivided attention to steer them once again elsewhere.  (And if you don't give them your undivided attention something might just come crashing down OR you are inevitably going to have a huge mess to clean up).

Now they are getting into everything...I mean everything. 

I literally have to physically remove them from the kitchen over and over again.  What I wouldn't give for a locked door between our living room and our kitchen.

They get into the refrigerator 1 BILLION times (no exaggeration; ok maybe just a little bit).  They just ate. 
They get out pots and pans, to use as step stools to get up to things in the cabinets.  For what?  Who knows.
They clean out the kitchen drawers. We are missing quite a bit of our forks and spoons, I might have to go toy box diving here soon otherwise we might be eating with our hands.  (I think they use these in Kaylyn's play kitchen and/or to bang on said pots and pans when not using them for step stools)  Ohh and by the way, we have a proper step stool, they just don't want to use that.
Mind you their rooms are literally feet from the kitchen filled with toys, books, nooks to hang out in...but they want to play in the "real" kitchen. 
Or Hayden, he seems to like the vacuum too, of course not when I ask him to use it and actually vacuum, but he likes to undo the cord and pull it around like it is one of those dogs on a leash.  Now mind you, this is not a petite vacuum by any means but for some reason, he wants to play with it.  Perhaps the boy needs a dog?  Ha!  That's funny.

So moral of the story I guess is....what to do with children who you give plenty of time and energy too but can't get a second to breath until literally they are fast asleep.  And by that time, heck I am exhausted.  I guess I breath when I am asleep but at that point the ticker tape is going and I am thinking about all the things I could be doing now that they are asleep, like mainly cleaning up their mess from the last several hours, start/fold some laundry, get dinner dishes done, the possibilities are endless.  And so here I sit moaning and groaning and not doing any of the above but rather blogging about it.  I guess that is productive, being that I haven't been blogging a whole lot lately.

I know one day I will miss this.  The messes they make.  Maybe?  Just a little bit?  When my nest is empty and there is only my husband to clean up after, piece of cake!

I know I am blessed.  I have healthy ACTIVE kids.  They have something to mess therefore we have a home and the chores comforts that come with it. 

But yet... I dream of a clean house for more than 20 minutes, someday.



  1. lol, im not laughing at you, you poor thing, you sound like you need some me time. that is really important when you get overwhelmed and you never have a chance to breathe. i feel your pain, im slowly getting out of the mess stage (sorry i dont missit yet) keep breathing and doing the amazing job you are doing. we are super moms, not just moms. get some me breathe time for your self

  2. And the other end of the tunnel is mighty quiet when they're nearly all grown up... enjoy it while you can no matter how crazy it sends you.

    For me time - Lock yourself in the bathroom, turn on some music and recline in a nice bubble bath. Used to work for me :-)

    Thinking of you

  3. I read you in my Feedly account and I had to click over to comment. AMEN to this post. I feel exactly the same way. Not even peace in the bathroom or shower. I love them but they drive me crazy most days! :)

  4. I won't miss the mess. I am so tired of the mess. I will miss the kids making the mess. Terribly.
    It is a rule in the kids' handbook. As soon as mom sits down or dials the phone, they must scream, fight, and get into everything they know they shouldn't. I'd like to get my hands on the person who wrote the kids' handbook.
    Good luck!

  5. Fun post, Jenn. Just think of it as a different way to build endurance. Thanks for hosting TALU.

  6. To think, this is what I want the most! You are so blessed to enjoy this kaos! I love #TALU...We get to meet great new people & live thru you! Enjoyed, Thx for co-hosting.


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