Wednesday, May 15, 2013

To Each Their Own

And that pretty much sums it up; my feelings on that subject.  (maybe, but not really)

Oh, the subject.  Let me preface this post by saying Climbing.Up.On.My.Soapbox.NOW...

You are still reading?

Now what the heck am I talking about you ask.

Children.  And how many a family should or shouldn't have. 

Since when is it someone elses' business to determine how many children you should have?  That is what irks me.

I know this has been hotly debated time and time again but I write this post as I was thinking about a dear friend of mine and some snide remarks, comments, etc she mentioned she received upon announcing her pregnancy this past week or so.  Again, I ask since when is it any ones business how many children you have?  This will be their 6th child and I am completely and utterly happy for her and her family.  I do not understand how anyone would not be.  Children are a blessing anyway you slice the cake. 

Is 6 children right for your family, my family, maybe not.  But who are we to comment about what works for other families?  We had a family that attended our church awhile back that have 11 children.  I will say it again.   11 children.  Too many?  Again maybe for you, maybe for me, but it works for them and that is all that matters.  Both of these families can take care of them financially.  The children are happy, healthy, well adjusted.  ALL.OF.THEM. (Now perhaps if these familes were like Octomom; getting government assistance, then I feel differently about that situation but that is a whole other post).  And they are NOT.

With that being said, if you choose to have several children, GOD blesses you with several children and you can support several children emotionally/financially, I say TO EACH THEIR OWN. So all of you negative nellys back off and let them be.  Revel in their excitement with them. 

Climbing off soapbox NOW.

That's all.


  1. Well said! I enjoy your honest comments. Thanks for sharing your insights and for promoting the family friendly lifestyle. I also blog about similar topics at if you are interested.

    Take care, thanks for all that you do. :)



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