About Me

Under Construction. I'm going to just leave this right here because aren't we all?  Forever evolving into who we are supposed to be.

I am a HOT mess more often than not if I am going to be totally transparent. But that is ok, I have come to terms with it. LOL.

I am a server of Christ. 150% type A personality.  I know I drink too much coffee and not enough water.  I sleep very little (not by choice). I multi-task to the point of it no longer being efficient.  I have my hands in so many things at any given time therefore I never finish what I started. Sound familiar?

I am a sarcastic mother of 4, (2 older that are adults now; out on their own and 2 younger ones still at home), Mother in Law to 1, a "formerly" loving daughter to my parents who have both passed now (my father passed in March 2021 and my mother passed in May 2014), a sister of several brothers (RIP Uriah),  a friend to many, an awful maid, an unlicensed doctor/nurse, a DIY "short cutting" chef, an accountant, an activity coordinator, an anxious and crazy taxi driver, an all around compassionate individual..... Is that enough?  

Even with wearing all these hats, I keep telling people I am not superwoman.  I left my cape at the dry cleaners and do not plan on picking it up anytime soon. (Hear the sarcasm in my voice?)

I made a decision a long time ago that I can't nor am I going to even try to be all and do all "perfectly". I am going to try to do my best in whatever I can BUT without sacrificing the most important things (i.e. my family, kids) in life. AND to get through the day. I know some people may not want to just "get through the day" but that is me. That is the season of life I have been in for quite awhile now.  This blog is for those with shortcomings.  The imperfectly perfect. The authentic. 

Is that you?

Life is messy! 

Will you join me on this journey? Imperfections are celebrated here! 


  • All the opinions on this blog are just that.  My own personal opinions. 
  • All recipes on my blog posts have been gleaned from years of cooking and often times are well known recipes but with a little twist here and there.
  • All pictures of my children are real.
  • All stories are real and should not be duplicated, copied, etc unless authorized to do so.
  • If I do not have a "real photo" of certain items I use online "stock" photos so I can not take credit for them.
  • Any product mention in posts are not paid for endorsement unless specified otherwise.
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