Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Long Time, No See & The Graduate (s)

Wow, it has been a while.  I feel like more often than not these days, that is my opening line to many situations....I have not written a blog since the end of May.  It happens, I suppose.

It is as if I dropped off the face of the earth internet.  I kinda did go off the grid for a bit...just got internet back at home.  Our new home.  What?  I know, right.  If you have followed my blog long enough, you know that we moved just over a year ago and then yes, we just moved again.  Long story short...When we moved to our *old* house we were told that it was within the district that our kids were currently in school at and then we moved, settled down only to find out... No, that was not the case.  We had to do an out of district transfer and were told each year we would be a shoe in but well....that didn't happen either.  So just shy of a month ago....we got our denial letter and decided that we were going to pack it up and move again...Tyler, our 14 year old, newly graduated 8th grader, has been in the same district for his whole school career, now going into high school, it was not the time to move him to another high school.  Not to mention that he plays sports and is known in our district so if he had gone to the other school then he would essentially be starting over again and have to prove himself again.  Which we didn't want to have happen.  He has worked to hard and has a great group of friends, coaches, etc to leave behind.  I know all to well from our first child that freshman year is pivotal year. 

But man...uggh...I hate moving. And if the truth be known, I didn't really do much of the moving.  That was left up to my husband.  I did a big chunk of packing, cleaning and now unpacking.  A week later we are still living out of boxes.   Surprise, surprise.  There are not enough hours in the day.

I think the only part of moving that I like is the redecorating part, essentially reinventing your style.  The house that we are in now is right smack in the middle of suburbia so that has been already difficult to get used to coming from the country.  I have a neighbor behind us that we share a fence with and well, not that I am looking, I can't really help but notice, he walks around with his shirt off; comes in and out of his backyard while I am in the kitchen or watching the kids in the back yard...and yeah, he probably shouldn't be.  I was really liking living in the country yet close enough to everything still and no real neighbors, only the wildlife and horses.  Life is such though.  We just have to roll with it for the good of our children.  Change.  Again.

On a HAPPY note, I am now the proud owner parent of a high schooler!  Yup, he officially graduated from 8th grade last night.  Hard to believe!  And a 1st grader too!  Two milestones in the same day.  Ohh and did I mention our oldest will be 21 next week!  Yikes!  I think this all means, I am getting old.  Time, it just feels like it passes by so quickly.  I know that sounds so cliche but really.  One day you are holding their hands crossing the street and the next they are riding in a party bus with 15 other kids going bowling without parents.  Yes, he did do that today (the 8th grader not the 1st grader in case you were  They, including the driver, survived and had a good time.  Like I said, good group of kids he has so I wasn't to worried.

I will close with a picture of "Rico Sauve", that was his nickname last night.  I aged myself a little bit when I called him that...he had no idea who or what I was talking about.  Remember Gerardo?

Kinda funny...he really thought he was the best thing since sliced bread last night; hanging out with all the girls....We'll let him think that just this once. 

He is sure handsome (but I am kind of partial).

What do you think?

So how have you been?  Haven't seen you in a while either.  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  Take care.

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  1. Wondered where you'd been, but I've kinda been a little busy too.

    Moving twice in a year and a new job - ergh, you must be loving all the change. I've told hubby that when we finally move it will only be to the country and not within suburbia.

    Youngest has a few years to go at school yet, so no move for us for a while.

    Hope you're taking time to rest and enjoy.

    Cheers, Fi


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