Saturday, June 22, 2013

Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday.  Oh how I have missed you and the routine of getting up Saturday mornings to write a blog post or two while everyone is still fast asleep.  Ahh bliss. 
However that is not the case at the moment, I am stealing a few minutes while the husband took the two littles to the park while I finished up birthday party preparations...and here I sit instead, writing a blog post.  I got this. 

Two back to back birthday celebrations.
One this afternoon, one tomorrow afternoon.
Thank GOD for the glorious weather!
Hayden turned 6 this past Tuesday.
Kyleigh turned 21 this past Wednesday.
So celebrate good times, come on!
Party over here, party over there.
I'm going to be one tired mom.
Such is life.
Wish me luck.
Hope you all have a FABULOUS day!
Anything fun planned for you/your family?
I am linking this up to Cate at Showmyface.
And you can too.
Describe what is going on in your life in 6 words and then link up.
Share pictures, elaborate, whatever works.
And then visit some of the others. 
They are all great people! 


  1. I recently celebrated my two kids' birthdays. They were born three years and ten days apart. I hope you enjoy your celebrations.

  2. Well we know what you do in the winter months - hope both parties go well. My grandson turns 2 next week, how the time flies.


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