Saturday, September 28, 2013

Walking Dead

Alternately titled...Autopilot.

Alternately titled....Brain dead.

Alternately titled....I'm exhausted.

So no, I am not talking about the show.  Heard of it.  Never had the "pleasure" to watch it, not that I would anyways, not to offend Walking Dead fans by any means, just not into the whole zombie thing (even though not too long ago I did see World War Z; grant it I didn't really know it was about zombies in my defense).  Sorry, if I just ruined it for you...if you hadn't seen that movie.

Moving on....what I am talking about started, routines back in play but yet....I feel I just can't get a grip on it all.  As I type this I am still dealing with major mom guilt because I spaced back to school night at Hayden's school Thursday night...he reminded me about it, an hour to late.  I remembered it at the beginning of the week.  It was even on the calendar in our "command center" but yet...I.F.O.R.G.O.T.  In all my excitement of "thinking" that it was a stay at home night. Anticipating the joy of being able to actually make dinner more leisurely since we didn't have to run out the door for the next event.  I could help Hayden with his homework at a slower pace. Give kids a bath and let them splash around in the water for a bit.  Tuck them into bed at the normal bed time hour and maybe just maybe sit down for a second myself to regroup. Ha!  Well not so much ha, because that was what I did but again I FORGOT back to school night. Did I mention that!

These past couple weeks have just been a blur.  I have literally been on autopilot day in and day out.  Not sure what I am running on these days.  Pure adrenaline is all I can guess since I don't drink coffee.  Which I am rethinking because Lord knows I need a little more pep in my step. 

It was completely apparent last night that we all needed some more rest.  After a long crazy week at work, did I mention we have a skeleton crew these days due to people moving on and vacations, literally a couple of people doing the work of like 10.....I came home and vegged out as much as I possibly could with two small children running around; take out pizza it was for dinner.  By about 8pm we were all ready to head to bed. I barely heard a peep out of the littles before they were sawing logs.  But per usual I was up super duper early this morning....had to do a little work that I brought home since so far behind but I am however at a local Starbucks and I am done which is how I can write this post.  A little bit of my own time, even in small increments, work wonders.

Now onto the next.  I have to head out shortly to do the weekly grocery shopping and then back home to figure out what the plans are for the day.  Probably not a whole lot since we are now officially into the fall weather...Raining!  It is actually supposed to storm quite a bit here this weekend so it might be a cartoon marathon, play games, anything in doors type of weekend.  I can already tell this is going to be a long fall/winter.  I already miss the warm weather.

When life is on overdrive for you/your family what do you do to recharge?

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  1. Oh hon, I wish I could send some of quiet time, sounds like you need it. I waver between missing the crazy days of little kids and too many things to do and quiet time, strange as it may seem.

    Hope things slow down a little for you soon

    Hugs, Fi


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