Friday, December 2, 2016

Confessions Of A Non Superwoman #29

Wow.  First and foremost…Confession, I have been totally MIA from this blog for a lonnnnnnnnng time so it seems.  I post every so often on the Facebook page (yes there is a Facebook page) but here not so much.

Life has got the best of me this past year but I really want and need to get back into blogging for an outlet and to preserve my sanity…so here goes it…

1. So you know that holiday where kids carve pumpkins, get candy…yeah, Halloween.  Yeah, so this year no pumpkins were harmed for the holiday.  Not a SINGLE.PUMPKIN.CARVED.  Time.  Just not enough time.

2.  So you know that holiday where you eat turkey. Yeah, Thanksgiving. The mostly meat free carcass is still in the pan in the refridgerator.  I promise it is going in the garbage TODAY.  (in my defense, our garbage was full and garbage day was yesterday rather than put it in a bag to stink up, I waited).

3.  We haven’t got professional Christmas pictures in like forever, no really I think for at least 3 years.  This year I am making an appointment.  I am making an appointment right now (after I finish this post).

4.   I walked into the littles room this morning…and Ohh Emmm Geee.  It looks like we have been robbed.  Serious clutter, toys, clothes, all over. MUST.GET.ORGANIZED.

5.  Times are changing again with work.  Our company announced that we are being purchased and the sale will complete by first quarter 2017.  In a quandary.  Should I stay or should I go.  I wish I had a crystal ball to see the future.

6.  So I promised this post yesterday and well....I got home and my internet wasn't working can do. No super powers available to fix it.

7. As I was driving home yesterday, thinking, (I do my best thinking in the car or while going to the bathroom...I know weird...maybe a little TMI), life is just crazy.  Always going here and there, go, go, go (even more so around the holiday season)...and then this song came on... and it stopped me in my tracks and smacked me upside the forehead... I need to Just Breathe.

Here for your listening pleasure I am posting the video.  Enjoy!  

Have any confessions to share? C'mon don't be shy.

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