Sunday, September 12, 2021

Life Hack {For Depression}

 If you suffer from depression, like I do...there are days, many days in the week,  that I can barely function and get out of bed..but I do because well...LIFE.

With that in mind, I have learned to keep a routine. It is a pretty simple routine but routine never the less.

1) Set alarm to get up at the same time EVERY.DAY (even if you really don't need to get up nor have any place to go)

2) Get out of bed.

3) Take a shower.

4) Get dressed.

5) Do your hair, put make up on, etc

See now that wasn't that hard. I know when I do the above it helps me get out of the funk and SHOW UP...Maybe not for the whole day but it definitely helps set me up for some success in the morning hours. AND that is progress! 

What life hacks do you have to help with your depression?

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