Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Baby Dedication, A Zipline & S'mores

This weekend was BLISS.  Just what the doctor ordered.  A productive, yet somewhat relaxing 3 day weekend.  I feel refreshed.  It is a wonderful feeling after a few weeks of chaos.

On Saturday we went to Bonneville Dam Fish Hatchery.  It was a beautiful day out in the gorge.  The kids loved seeing all the fish small, medium and large.  There are some sturgeon in the ponds there that are 6 ft long and several hundreds pounds.  And the Rainbow Trout.  Honking large.  We had a picnic and used this little trip as a teaching moment (or tried to as much as we could with a 2 yr old and 4 yr old).

On Sunday our 2 year old, Kaylyn, was dedicated along with 3 other small children at our church.  Kaylyn was so cute up their on stage in her daddy's arms (except when I had to remove her finger from her nose a few times).  Listening to the pastor as he talked with each of the families about their hopes for their childrens futures.  I HOPE that our daughter will continue to walk with the LORD and become a happy, healthy little girl, woman, wife, and mother.  I know "With God, all things are possible" and I pray that she will learn this as well.

On Sunday afternoon we went over to a friends house, a husband and wife that I look up to.  They are such giving and thoughtful souls.  They talk the talk and walk the walk.  Something our family is inspiring to be.  They live on some property out further in the country so the kids had a hay day!  They jumped on the trampoline.  Played in the sand box. Swang on the big swing.  Ate some hot dogs roasted on an open camp fire. Explored.  Ran free.  They were in heaven.

And rode the ZIPLINE.  Hayden, who is usually afraid of going high on the swing, rode the zip line that crosses their cow pasture.  I thought for sure he would be silly scared but he wasn't.  I think since his friend Samantha did it, he had to do it too.  Again and again and again. 

And of course what goes down, must come back up.  He had a bit of trouble at times bringing the seat back up the hill.

And S'mores!  Can't forget the S'mores!  Look at that marshmellow, chocolatey gooeyness.  How you do you make your S'more?  I make a little slit in the marshmellow, slide a small piece of Hershey Chocalate in the slit and then roast with both the marshmellow and chocolate.  Kaylyn loved her S'more. She wanted S'more!

How was your holiday weekend?  What did you do? 

Hope everyone had a safe and memorable Memorial Day weekend shared with friends and family.  And to those that have served our country and given their lives for our FREEDOM:  I thank you for your service to our country.


  1. Put some peanut butter on your smores! It is amazingly good:)

    I want to zipline! It looks fun.

  2. I'm sorry to have missed the dedication! We were camping in the John Day area and we had s'mores too! As I was reading your description of the people you look up to I immediately thought of Mr and Mrs B...then as I read on I confirmed you were at their house. They are some of our favorite people, too! We got to enjoy their company yesterday on a hike and then a cookout at our house. And I'm looking forward to spending 5 days with them later this week down south.


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