Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thinking Out Loud

What a glorious morning it is turning out to be.  As I type this I am sitting next to our big window in our living room looking out into the horse pasture next door, listening to the birds chirping a new dawn. No longer am I looking out into our neighbors back yard or waking to the dogs barking in our former neighborhood.  It is so quiet and peaceful our new setting, that we are now calling home.

Our move isn't quite completed yet.  We didn't get as much as we hoped done yesterday.  Most of the big stuff out of the old house but lots of odds and ends still waiting.  And then cleaning.  Ick!  You don't realize how dirty things are until your house is empty.  And don't even get me going on what was under the coach.  Who knew so much could hide underneath there.

My husband is a moving ROCK STAR.  He and a couple guys yesterday worked their tails off, kicked butt, moving the beds, the couches, the dressers...And then he continued on into the afternoon/evening while I tended to the littles.  Thankfully we also had grandma to help with the littles for a big chunk of the day because having two small children running around is not very conducive to moving. 

Now the fun begins at the new house.  I get to reinvent, redecorate, reorganize.  I am kind of excited.  I am thinking a little shabby chic. What do you think?  Have any ideas you want to share?  Having a smaller house I think will help keep me more organized (maybe a little bit?)  which is a good thing and there will be less to clean so this could really work. LOL.  I am also excited to get out into our yard and get things going there especially a garden.  There is lots of weeding, planting and pruning that needs to be done.  Did I tell you we have an apple tree, a plum tree, a kiwi tree and blackberry bushes?  I can taste the blackberry jam already.  Mmm.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.  And Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.  May your day be blessed.



  1. I really, really want photos of this 'tranquility'. Sounds amazing, hope you take at least ten to rest on Mothers Day. Have a super weekend my friend and best of luck with getting more organised LOL

  2. Hope your Mother's Day ended with rest, along with daydreaming of all the creative projects for the new home! It's lovely to look to the near future sometimes.


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