Thursday, October 18, 2012


I love that word.  My dad used to always say it when I was younger.  I didn't know what it meant for the longest time.

Of course now I do.  And I am discombobulated.


That is me these last couple weeks.
Confused by so much that is going on.  Upset because the wind is blowing the wrong direction.
I had a weekend away this past weekend to our yearly Women's Retreat**and I thought that that would help clear my head, but it didn't.
I thought I had everything lined up, all the balls in the air, ducks in a row, doing the right things, giving all that I have and all that I am but yet it doesn't seem like it is enough.  A ball always drops somewhere, a duck gets knocked out of line.  Someone is disappointed.  Someone feels left out.  Someone is short changed. 
I am struggling.
I am a bit overwhelmed but I am not sure by what.  There in lies part of the problem.
It is almost as if I feel like I am having a bit of an identity crisis.  Not knowing all of a sudden where my place in the world is.
I have my faith.  I have my family.  I have my health.  This I know. 
But everything else?  Not so much.
Discombobulated.  My word for 4th quarter of the year.  My original word of the year was Gratitude.  And I have that.  Gratitude for all that I am.  All that I have, don't misunderstand.
Do you ever feel this way?  What do you do to get passed it?
**Did you know my 2 year blogoversary is coming up?  I started this blog almost 2 years ago after returning from our Women's Retreat.  The theme that was selected for the retreat was my suggestion....I Am Not Superwoman.  And voila, this blog was born shortly thereafter.  I am still a work in progress because I still fall into the "be all, to all" syndrome as you can clearly see from the post above.


  1. I feel that way all the freakin time.

  2. I was definitely feeling that way last month. All month and I seriously couln't get out of my funk and didn't know what it was coming from. I'll say prayers for you, I know it's tough, but just hang on to all those good things. But, I do really enjoy using the word discombobulated :)

  3. Oh Jenn - sorry you are going through a rough patch. I'll be praying for you!

  4. Mmmm ditto to that feeling. Awesome word that one, I've never actually heard anyone use it though.
    Keep smiling my friend

  5. I loved this word. My mom used to use it all the time too and yes, I know exactly what you mean by it. Hoping things start to make more sense for you soon and there is less discombobulation in the days to come. Stopping by from TALU

  6. Discombobulated was my favorite word for many years, until it changed to tertiary. Silly, maybe, but it's out of my hands. Favorite is favorite, and tertiary is just better.

    But seriously, I think everyone feels like that sometimes. But the antidote is talking about it. Because when you keep it all inside and try to pretend like you have it all together, it gets stronger -feeding off of fear and secrecy. When you come right out and say you are in a funk and you feel like you are the only one who doesn't have it all together, it shrivels and dies, because you realized that everyone else is like you, but they are just afraid to say it.


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