Friday, October 12, 2012

Stop Bullying Now!

National Bullying Prevention Month Aims To Empower Parents And Community Members
October is Bullying Prevention Month.
It should be EVERY month.
I ran across a sad video on one my friends FB pages about a 15 year old girl who used to live in our area, she has since moved to Vancouver Canada to try and escape the bullying she was receiving on a daily basis, at school, on Facebook, everywhere she turned.
It followed her.
She ended her life on October 10, 2012.
This could have been prevented if the bullying was stopped early on
but the kids continued to haunt and taunt her everywhere she went.
Where are the parents of those that were bullying her?
How on earth can those kids/parents, think that this behavior is acceptable?
How can they sleep at night knowing they had a hand in
a young girl ending her life?
NO human being deserves to be treated like her.
She may have made a few adolescent mistakes but she didn't deserve this.
She was young.
She was vibrant.
She had her whole life ahead of her.
She ended her life on October 10, 2012.
Watch her video here.
She posted this a month ago.
RIP Amanda Todd.
Remember her like this.
Stand up to bullying.
Talk to your kids about it.
We have to stop this from happening to another daughter, son, friend, neighbor.

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