Saturday, October 27, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Times a changin' in this life.
(my 6WS)

I don't like change.  I am not sure many people do.  We get comfortable, complacent, used to the same ol', same ol' and there is nothing wrong with that HOWEVER I know that when times a changin' unless you adapt, you will get left behind...and nobody wants to be left behind, right?

Not to be too cryptic or anything but I "think" there might be some life changin' coming my way in the near future.  I can't divulge too much because I believe there might be some eyes reading this that would use the information to my demise as awful as that sounds but.... I need to protect myself and those around me.

Let's just say the ship is sinking and I refuse to go down with it. If you know me personally you will know exactly what I am referring to...if not, it will be divulged soon enough.

Other than the upcoming has been, good.  Crazy, hectic, exhausting but good.  The littles have been driving me a bit batty but that is par for the course.  Lov'em forever!  We *finally* found their Halloween costumes.  Hayden will be a dinosaur.  And Kaylyn a caterpillar.  Found them at the local Goodwill: both under $10!  Score!  And they are the warm costumes which is what we need around these parts since it has been getting very chilly at night.  It is supposed to be pouring down rain on Halloween so not sure how much trick or treating we will be doing. 

And I just realized my 2 year blogoversary is TODAY.  Happy Blogoversary to me!  Wow, it is interesting to see how far I have come but yet still have to go. 

Hope you are having a FAB weekend so far.

How do you adapt to life changes?  Kick and scream or go with the flow?


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  1. Wishing you the best as you make the necessary changes.

  2. I hate change. We had a big move during the summer and I'm still upset and very bitter about it. I feel like a toddler sometimes because I want to stomp my feet and say no fair but then I put on my big girl pants and tell myself that life is full of surprises, good and bad and I just have to deal with it.

    I hope everything goes well with you!

  3. Wishing you the best on your changes...I can only guess. I try to go with the flow but it is hard sometimes!!

  4. Jenn...Hoping you will adjust to whatever the changes are! I don't care much for changes either...but sometimes they are for the best. (:>) I didn't want to move to Kansas 33 years ago, because I loved Colorado where we had a lovely new house...BUT it all turned out ok...and I love it here. (:>)

    Happy 2 yr. Blogoversary!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. Changes are hard. I am not good at them but have found they are usually for the best. Hope you find some good stuff in your changes.

  6. I'm with you; I don't like changes either. I hope yours are all okay in the long run. Great to get the kids' costumes at such a reasonable price too! Happy blog anniversary!


  7. Happy Blogoversary - I think you're right on target when you say similar things are happening in your world as in my world. I too am unable to say much because of those who read - you and I are just two peas in a pod aren't we?
    Hope things work out okay for you, keep smiling no matter what. Life is change, we can't escape it, can only adapt and go with it

  8. I'm terrible with change. I'm trying to embrace it more, but it's not my nature.

    Also, great score on the cheap costumes! My boys just got invited to go trick or treating at the last minute (it doesn't really happen where we live, so you have to contrive it if you want your kids to partake), so we're scrounging costumes at home tonight. :)

  9. Change is exciting and awful. It all depends on what it is. Hope yours is good in the end.

    Happy blogoversary!

  10. Forgot to say I'm visiting from TALU!


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