Saturday, February 16, 2013

Six Word Saturday

And It Ended With A Bang!
My week.
Was Ahhhmazing.
I started my new job.
In training mostly.
But doing well.
Learning the ropes.
Meeting new people.
Getting reacquainted with old friends that I
have worked with in the past.
And then Friday at lunch, I ran into
a dear friend that I lost contact with 4 1/2 years ago.
She was one of my best friends since high school.
Known her since I was 15.
Been through a lot together.
But 4 1/2 years or so ago, life changes got in the way and our
day to day contact, friendship subsided.
I have thought about her a lot the last couple years.
But not sure why did not reconnect with her.
Seasons of life is what I chalk it up to.
It is what it is though and for some reason
God put us there to run into
one another, I believe that.
I keep saying 2013 is the year of new beginnings
and I can't shake that maybe this is another one.
This old friendship is meant to be rekindled.
She has two more children now.
Her oldest daughter who I adore (d) is 10.
Her middle name was based on something I said to
my friend one time about having children.
"Having children is a leap of FAITH just like many things.
If you wait til the "perfect" time, then you might be waiting for awhile."
Her boys.  I met one of them yesterday.
He is just a couple months old.
And then they adopted a son a year ago at birth.
So they now have two boys under 1.
Wow. How life has changed.
She barely knows Hayden our 5 year old.
And didn't know about our almost 3 year old, Kaylyn.
Lots more catching up to do.
I can't wait.
I have missed her.
I hope that we can pick up where we left off.

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  1. Congrats on an amazing week! Enjoy catching up with your friend. ☺

  2. What a great week full of wonderful things! I hope it just gets better and better this year!

  3. I would like to start a new job. (Please don't share this with my co-workers!)

  4. How nice to meet up and reconnect with an old friend! They are precious. and good luck with your new job!

  5. I love rekindling friendships from the past. No need to explain yourself with those friends.

  6. My daughter just got a new job and she starts on Monday! We are thankful, as it is a huge answer to prayer! At her new work place there is an old friend of hers that works there too. I am hoping they will reconnect and enjoy each other. I love how God works things out!!!

    Happy Saturday!


  7. sounds like an amazing week! Enjoy your new job and I love that you met up with an old friend!

  8. Everything happens for a reason whether we believe it or not. Enjoy your catching up and the new job :-)

  9. That is so cool that you have reconnected with your friend! Glad you had a great week!

  10. I'm with Fi @ Inspiration . . . You and your friend found each other again for a reason! How wonderful. TALU ; )


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