Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday 2/6

Well, well, is Wednesday and time for the "dreaded" WIW post. 

How'd I do after last week? Remember, I didn't really do a WIW post instead I talked about another major life change.  I am all about change these days (apparently).

I am glad you are here and glad you asked.  You asked, right?

 I lost a couple ounces, down just shy of 15 lbs (see my ticker on the sidebar).  I am just thankful I didn't gain.  I thought for sure I would have gained but since I was not going to the gym, I was very conscious to what I was putting in my belly so not to overindulge too much. 

I honestly didn't do that bad for only hitting the gym once last week. Yes, I only went once. It is disappointing but it was another not so good week. I am back on it this week though. Hitting it hard. And then not sure how it is all going to play out once I start my new job on Feb 11. They have a gym in the building that I could use and I might walk on the treadmill on my lunch for 20 minutes each day however I only have an hour lunch and have to eat lunch too so AND not so sure if I want to come back to my cube smelling all sweaty. I am sure my cube mates would just adore me then.   I am also on the 14th floor so I thought maybe just maybe I would get off on the 12th floor and walk the rest and slowly work my way down and then up the stairs as the days pass.  Not sure I will ever walk 14 floors, but never say ever, right?

I wanted to post a picture of my starting point and a recent one I took and was supposed to post last week, but my phone was giving me grief.  I know you might not notice a huge difference, but I can feel it.  That shirt is a bit more loose (can you tell just a little bit?).  Any my pants no longer as snug as a bug in a rug. I'm slowly getting there.  I know I dropped a size because I am fitting into some shirts that I haven't worn in a while.  It feels good.

How was your week?  Did you lose?  Gain?  What has worked for you?


  1. You're doing great! It is tricky to figure out the exercise routine when there are changes. It seems like just when I get a habit established, something changes and I need to figure out another way to work the exercise in. Good luck!

  2. You can definitely tell the difference! Go you and I love the ticker on your sidebar--great way to mark your progress. Thanks for hosting TALU again this week!

  3. You can definitely see the different between the two shots. Keep up the good work!! [#TALU]

  4. Good for you, Jenn, for hanging in there! The weight loss journey is hard enough without any big life changes going on!

    I can totally tell that that shirt is a little looser! Yay! I think it is a great idea to take a couple of flights of stairs. Maybe start with two flights, then build up to more! You can do it! Maybe you can stay late to work out if you don't want to be stinky after lunch? Or go early? But what a great amenity to have at your workplace! For FREE! Awesome! Keep it up, girl!

    PS- Hope your first couple of days at your new job have been great!
    ~Joell at Red Van Ramblings

  5. I see it, I see it! Yay you!

    I just added a laptop shelf to my treadmill, and I'm planning to walk everyday, very slowly, while I do my thang on the computer. Here's hoping...

  6. Congrats on the weight loss! I can definitely see the improvement in your photos. It’s most noticeable around your waistline. Way to go! Looking forward to seeing how your new job has been!


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