Friday, July 5, 2013

What To Do. What To Do.

>>>>Picked up house to my liking.  Check.  (which is a tough feat in itself being the perfectionist ahhummm OCD that I am)

>>>>Laundry started.  Check.

>>>>Floors swept.  Check.  (for the billionth time today)

>>>>Two children at a baseball game at nearby park.  Check.

>>>>One child crashed out on the couch. Check.

<<<<Me. Essentially alone with a computer/keyboard at my fingertips.  Check.

What To Do.  What To Do.


I have missed you.  I really have.  I find when I don't blog I am more anxiety ridden, even if it is about stupid stuff that I am blogging about.  It is an outlet, a hobby if you will, that allows a space just for me, my thoughts.  Nobody else can touch it.  It is all mine.  Do you think that is weird? 

I used to blog almost daily.  I would even get ahead and blog on the weekends and schedule the posts during the week if I knew I was going to have a crazy week (which was more often than not)...but then I think I got a little burnt out.  Which happens to us all, I know.  So I toned it back a little bit not totally by choice, it just happened naturally but now over the last couple months I have really wanted to blog more often, but for some reason was missing the inspiration as well as the time which ultimately made me grumpy.

I don't have many hobbies.  Blogging is one.  And I just started to neglect it and I really need to get back into the saddle because it allowed me MY time.  I crave that time.  I want that time.  I need that time.  Even if it is just 1/2 hour a day writing crap stuff that nobody is really reading, you know.  Or maybe they are.  I still do have some loyal followers/readers, although my numbers have gone down considerably, rightfully so.  Somebody still reads me.  So I shall still continue to blog.  I think I would blog even if nobody read it. 

Why do you blog? 

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  1. Ditto, you just wrote a post with my words - I totally get you on this one. Must be something in the air at the moment :-)


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