Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top 10

I see a lot of Top 10 lists these past couple days with the upcoming New Year and all.

Top 10 blog posts of 2013.

Top 10 movies of 2013.

Top 10 songs of 2013.

Top 10 television series of 2013.

Top 10 Miley moments of  2013 (not kidding).

Top 10 you name it, they have one. (seriously Google it)

I also recently read an article about the Top 10 things in a women's purse and what it says about her.  Not even sure where I read it (tried finding it)  but it got me thinking about what I carry around in my purse.  Which if I am going to be brutally honest isn't really a purse at all.  It is actually my lunch bag.  I know, laugh now.  It started out as my lunch bag and then slowly evolved into an all purpose lunch bag/purse; with that being said, what does that say about me?

Low maintenance? 
No frills, kinda gal?  
Yup, NAILED it! 

My oldest daughter is besides herself every time she sees me with my lunch bag, stuffed with my wallet and whatever else I feel I need at the moment but it is most likely not your normal run of the mill purse items.

If I carried a "real" purse and was a bit higher maintenance here is what "My Top 10" items in my purse would probably be:

1.  Tweezers because you never know when your brows will need a little clean up or that one hair on your chin will pop back out.  (This is what I would bring as my luxury item if I was ever cast on Survivor; that's a whole other blog post).

2.  Gum or mints.  Ran out the door at the very last minute and forgot to brush your teeth.  No worries.

3.  Brush.  See above.  Forgot to brush your hair, too.  Never fear.

4.  Chap stick.  Forget the lip stick.  It won't stay on past the gulps of coffee you swig as you are running to get the elevator.  Plus lip stick would require you to color coordinate something (I'm lucky if my stockings match).

5.  Loose change.  For the run to the vending machine for extra coffee or heck breakfast.

6.  Receipts and tons of them (ok, so this is really in my wallet that really is in my lunch bag/purse right now).  You never know when you will need that receipt from last year.

7.  Nail file.  So many uses.  Namely those ungodly hang nails that are oh so irritating.  If not filed immediately, I will chew off my nail and then some (this is another item that I do currently have in my lunch bag/purse).

8.  My cell phone.  Unless it is lost.  Right now, it mostly stays in my jacket pocket so not to get lost or slimmed on by a half eaten banana (see #10).

9. Pull up.  For my littlest.  Never know when you will need one and not have one so good to keep one handy. 

And last but not least, a surprise every time:

10.   An array of miscellaneous toys that the kids slip into my purse. Kinda exciting to see what awaits me. A plastic spider, bouncy ball, half eaten banana (I had one of those in my pocket a few days ago; right now this is where these land  rather than my lunch bag/purse).

What's in your wallet (or purse)?


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