Monday, December 9, 2013

Confessions Of A Non Superwoman #27

Where do I even begin....

So many mom fails, wife fails, etc these past couple months it is hard to pick out a few since I don't want to list them all and overwhelm anyone.

I guess I will start with the mom fails that are the most recent since that is so fresh in my mind still.

1.  Menu Planning.  Ha.  That's funny.  I am flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to dinner these past couple months.  I had EVERY intention of getting back on the bus but it left without me; every week.  Good intentions don't write the list or do the grocery shopping.  Tonight.  We had hot dogs. 

2.  This is an old one but sticks out in my mind.  Halloween.  Kaylyn was a princess and we had the most perfect sparkly pink glittery shoes that matched with her dress.  I saw them a few days before Halloween.  You think I would put them up somewhere so they are easily accessible.  Nope, not me.  Come Halloween, they are no where to be found.  I mean nowhere.  I tore our house up looking for those darn shoes.  She ended up wearing her black and pink slip on shoes, that were old and ratty.  Nice, huh.  And then to top if off, when we did find the shoes, they were in the backyard (that is not where I had seen them previously and I have no idea how they got out there but they did).

3.  I bribed my two younger kids with a promise of a piece of candy the other day.  And I didn't even have any candy to give them.  They fell for it.  It was important that I get at least one of them to do the task that I needed done.  I bet you are wondering what it was?  No?  Hmm, well this might be a little TMI but I found myself going to the bathroom with no toilet paper.  I asked nicely several times for them to get a roll of toilet paper out of the other bathroom.  They refused.  I was desperate.  The promise of candy worked. All ended well.  (They forgot about the candy a few minutes later when I turned on Sponge Bob Squarepants to distract them.)

4.  We went and got our Christmas tree yesterday.  We bought it from a corner tree lot.  No cutting it down on a tree farm for us.  It was so cold yesterday.  Sorry, I like to be able to feel my hands and toes.  And even looking at the tress and finding one that we could all agree on at the corner lot, it still took us 10-15 minutes.  My hands and toes thanked me when I got into the warm car. And when we got home, we decorated it but nothing else.  If you didn't see the tree tucked away in the corner you wouldn't know it was Christmas at our house.  (In my defense, I do plan on getting a few more decorations out, but only a few.)

5.  I had a flat tire about a year ago.  Ok, I am exaggerating a bit. I had a flat tire about two weeks ago.  I am still driving on the spare.  I really need to take my other tire in to get fixed and put my original tire back on.  Every time I have a chance, I would much rather do something else then go and sit at the tire shop for an hour.  And now with the bad weather, everyone is heading there to get snow tires on, so I would probably wait several hours.  No thank you.

Alright, I think this has been enough fun for one post.

Do you have any confessions?  Mom fails?  Wife fails?  Care to share.  I am feeling kinda lonely.   And remember, we will not laugh at you but rather with you.


I am not in this world to live up to other people's expectations, nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine. ~Fritz Perls



  1. Oh hon, you are way too tough on yourself

  2. I laughed and laughed on number 3. I still have to bribe my 15 year old with gum and she doesn't forget like your kids do lol lol. And the bribery just doesn't end in the bathroom it happens when I'm sick of taking the dog outside so I bribe her with gum to take my dog out lol.

    I ask my daughter to empty the dishwasher then later forget and end up doing it myself then when I'm done I remember that I asked her to do it and she keeps getting out of that chore ugh.

    I was baking cookies for a few friends tonight and I lost the measuring cup for a half hour finally found it in the flour container and I lost the measuring spoon 2 times. burnt a batch of cookies because I forgot to move the rack up from the bottom and set the fire alarms off in my kitchen at 11pm tonight my poor neighbors. I went to remove a cookie from the pan and wasn't paying attention and tilted the spatula and the cook fell thru the burner into the drip pan And this is the reasons why baking and I don't get along. My emotions while baking are frustration, I wanted to scream, cry and end in the end I'm usually laughing.

    I haven't slept in my room for 3 weeks because its messy and things all over the bed it's overwhelming so it's easier to close the door and not look at it. Then last night I realized that I was missing a piece of important paper so I went thru my stacks of mail went thru my boxes of stuff that I seperated to put away. I found my missing deoderent, a lot of my missing socks, my cards to send to people, letters from my daughter, and some movies that I didn't know where in my room. Then I finally found what I was looking for and remembered that I looked there 2 days ago and I didn't see it but it was there the whole time ugh. Still sleeping on couch haven't gotten mess off of bed yet lol.

    and some where in my house is my missing 1/4 measuring cup and my measuring spoons that have been missing for over a year. Do you know what I use to measure my ingredients the measuring pour thing Walgreens gives you to give your kid liquid medicine lol lol it's the only one I haven't lost.

    and when I was staying at a friends house I helped and emptied there dishwasher it took them a few months to find there missing spatula that I touched. now I don't offer to empty peoples dishwasher.

    Have you ever moved your kids home work couldn't remember moving it and had to send a letter saying you lost your kids homework. Yeah that's embarrassing done it twice

    your not alone. I feel for you I know what it's like

    1. There is definetly more bribery where that comes


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