Sunday, December 8, 2013

What I'm (NOT) Lovin'

Yes, there are a few things that I'm NOT lovin' these days.

The cold, cold weather.  Although, I know it could be worse, it is Cold with a capital C where we live right now.  It is 9 degrees with the wind chill.  That is brrrrr freezing.  It even snowed here on Friday, not a whole lot.   But you would think we had a blizzard based on the traffic jams and media who of course blows (pun intended) it wayyyy out of proportion.  I am sure there are many other cities that just laugh at us slippin and slidin around the roads when it was barely a dusting of snow.

While on the subject of snow.  Did you happen to see this floating around a couple weeks ago.  I'm not much of a Star Wars fan (actually not a fan at all.  Can we still be friends?) but these Star Wars snowflakes are pretty freakin awesome. 

Even though not a fan at all. This one is my favorite.

Gamorrean Guard-displayed sm
I'm also NOT lovin' the holiday season much this year (so far anyways).  Not to be Scrooge or anything but in light of two family members passing away in the past 6 months, it is hard to get into the spirit.  I have a hard time normally around the holidays being away from so much of my family but this year I feel like it is going to be even more challenging. 
We went and got our Christmas tree today. We decorated the tree but that is far as it got.  Didn't do much other decorating at this point.  Not sure I will.   But I am going to try for my children's sake to shake it off (the Scrooge attitude), like I normally do, but it is hard feeling like you are living a facade sometimes, you know? Do you ever feel like that?  I find myself whistling the song "Put On A Happy Face" as I am putting on that fake, plastic looking grin. It has to be noticeable, right?
I'm NOT lovin' dry skin.  Another winter malady.  Fun.  My skin is so dry.  I have to put lotion on my skin all the time.  And I have used so many different types of lotions over the years and it doesn't seem it is ever the right one.  Any suggestions of what you use and helps make the dry, flaky, cracked skin go away?

This is what my skin looks like most of the time.

Since this has been just a dreadful post, I will add something that I am lovin' son, Tyler, went this Winter Formal last night.  Isn't he handsome? I thought so too!

Until next time....

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