Saturday, March 29, 2014

10 Things I Learned During Spring Break

It is Spring Break in these parts.  I took the week off of work to spend some quality time with my kids, perhaps get few much needed house projects completed, a little spring cleaning and a little fun thrown in there at times.  Ha!  Wow, what was I thinking?  I obviously wasn't.

Here are my Lessons Learned in no particular order, as they are all equally important life lessons that I am willing to share with you.  You're welcome!

1.  If you live in the PacNW, it WILL rain during Spring Break.  EVERY.SINGLE.DAY

2.  If you live in the PacNW, you BETTER have indoor activities in mind.

3.  If you don't have indoor activities in mind, planned, about 10am, cooped up in the house, you will lose your marbles.  EVERY.SINGLE.DAY

4.  You really can say "Get out of the refridgerator" a thousand times, along with "Go play in your room", "No, you can't ride your bike in the house" amoung many other things that due to my losing my marbles (on day 2), I have forgotten the rest at this point.

5.  No matter the choices you give your children for breakfast and lunch, after having made their chosen breakfast or lunch, they WILL want what you are having instead.

6.  Riding a skateboard in the house WILL inevitably put a hole in a wall.  And sliding down the stairs on your belly will give you a rug burn.  Don't try this at home kids.

7.  No matter how many times you sweep the floor, pick up the toys, wipe down the counters, two minutes later, crackers will be stepped on, more toys will be brought thrown down the stairs, milk will be spilled.  NEVER.ENDING.

8.  When kids eat lots of strawberries.  They have to go poop A LOT.  (Thank goodness I stocked up on toilet paper).

9.  SpongeBob is ANNOYING.  I used to like him but after watching essentially a SpongeBob marathon one of the said rainy afternoons, not so much.

10.  You will NEVER be able to get both kids to sleep/rest at the same time.  Stop spinning your wheels.   Nap time.  If they only knew what they will be missing.  If I could take a nap everyday, I would.

I love my kids. I do. I do.  And I love spending time with them.  I do. I do. But a little to much of a good thing, can be a buzz kill.  Just sayin.

I like LOVE my sanity and look forward to getting back to routine this next week as I am sure the kids are as well.  Kids like routine. Moms who are used to working outside of the house like routine too. 

As a bonus, #11 Stay At Home Moms Rock!

And by the way, the house projects, spring cleaning and fun, not much of that happened around these parts.  LOL.

Photo: Love this pic from earlier today. Miss Kay just a tad bit animated. Lol.

2 of my 4 Munchkins.

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  1. A piece of cardboard between the kids and the stairs helps prevent rug burn. :-) I had a friend who insisted that her kids have "happy horizontal hour" each afternoon after lunch. They didn't have to sleep, but they had to be quiet (happy) and horizontal on their beds for an hour--Mom, too! I don't think I could have gotten all my kids to cooperate with that, but it worked for her!


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