Saturday, March 1, 2014

Six Word Saturday

My kids get up too early.
It does not matter what time they go to bed,
they never sleep past 6am or so on the weekend.
Yet, they sleep in later, typically, during the week.
I can't sleep in to save my life.
Even if I could, I probably wouldn't since
I wake up around 5:30am all week and
my body clock just wakes me up.
Eyes wide open staring at the ceiling.
Thoughts of the day before, the day ahead,
racing through my mind.
But the point is, it would be nice to have some
quiet alone time in the morning
to do my thing, to get rallied up
for what lies ahead.
Nope, doesn't work that way in this house.
It is on like Donkey Kong
from the moment
their eyes open.
It is 8am and we have already been
 up for almost two hours.
Laundry started.
Showers taken.
Dish washer going.
Floor slept.
Crock pot dinner started.
Breakfast (Egg & Cheese Muffin sandwiches) made.
And eaten.
Cartoons loudly playing in the background.
I'm pooped already yet we probably have
another 12-13 hours to go.
Hopefully at some point, Kaylyn and I
can sneek a nap while the
boys do something out of the house.
Do you have any tricks to get your
kids to sleep in on the weekends?
Do tell.
I'm linking up with
Cate at Show My Face
for her 6WS party!
Join us. 
You are all invited.
Just post what is going on in
your life in 6 words
and then link up.
Easy, peasy.


  1. Although I don't have kids, I can't sleep late to save my life! Awake EVERY DAY by 6am at the latest. And on the other side--I usually can't stay awake past 9:30 or 10pm. I remember those college days when we wouldn't even start getting ready to go out until about 10pm--and then had to set an alarm to make sure we didn't miss getting to the cafeteria before breakfast ended at 11am. Times sure have changed!

    1. Yes, they have. I remember when I was younger and parents sleeping I would turn on cartoons and grab a bowl of cereal. Not anymore. My kids would get into to much mischief. I would be afraid.

  2. ...and that includes animal kids too! I know!

    1. I know our cat tends to wake us up too. Scratching at our door wanting out. Can't catch a break.

  3. Double up on the Ambien....


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