Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Ode To Trimet

My car broke down a few months ago.  It took a while for us to get it fixed. (It has been fixed for awhile now; this was a post started but not completed at the time).  I am now ready to share my story.  LOL. 

Yes, this is as first world of a problem as they may get.  I had to ride our city's public transportation to and from work for several weeks (eek! shudder!).  It was very humbling to be brutally honest.

I threw a pity party for myself on Bus # 77 on several occasions during my public transportation riding tenure.

But then, I would snap out of it when a young mother of 3 would board the bus, stroller in tow, navigating the curb, wheel stuck in a rut, groceries overflowing in the basket under neath.  One child on hip, one child in stroller, one child holding onto the handle.  Riding. Public. Transportation. because it is her only option to get to and fro.  Pity party OVER rather quickly!  This is a temporary set back. Gosh, can I really call it that?  A set back.  Maybe an inconvenience.

It was also some what entertaining, overwhelmingly (is that a word) pungent, yet comforting at times. No gridlock. No road rage. No beeping horns when I am trying to eagerly merge into the exit lane.  People of all walks of life ride mass transit.  I met several of them.  People. I will never forget the first day I rode.  Carl.  He was quite chatty when all I really wanted to do is zone out and check my Facebook.  LOL.  By the end of our 30 minute ride out of city into the burbs.  I knew his life story (past, present and future).  As did everyone else in our section whether they wanted to or not. Nice guy but who shares their life story with complete strangers?  Apparently, Carl does.  LOL.  I am pretty friendly and only an introvert sometimes but even I, don't share my life story on the bus/max especially in 30 minutes or less.  Heck, I'm still writing my story.

It's funny now when I think back on this short season of my life.  I kinda felt like I was a teenager again, with so many places I wanted to go, but no way to get there.  A minor set back, inconvenience of life.  Mobility.  Don't take it for granted.

Thank you Trimet for getting me to and fro, safely and on time (except once when the original bus broke down). 


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