Friday, May 2, 2014

Recipe Fail

Every now and again, I will see a recipe that I just have to try. 
Sometimes they turn out ahhhsome....
and sometimes such as this one, not so much.
Try as I might, you just can't win'em all.
These like Kale Chips seem to allude me....
Either I use to much olive oil.
 Or not enough.
Cook to long.
Or not long enough.
One of these days. 
BUT that day is not today.
You may have seen this recipe going around on
Facebook as a sponsored post...

I tried to make the Zucchini Chips 3 times and it was a total failure. The only possible way for them to come out like the picture is to deep fry them.
This is what they should look like.
I was to embarrassed, ashamed, disgruntled,
to take a picture of mine.
But let's just say, they were not
golden brown and crispy.
Some were burnt. Some were soggy.
They looked more like this.
A pinterest fail.
This is not my picture.
But you get the picture.
Day #60 Burnt Zucchini Chips
What recipe fails/pinterest fails have you had lately.
Care to share?

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