Thursday, September 24, 2020

Confessions of A Non-Superwoman #31

 It's been a hot minute...not that I have not had anything to confess because boy have I!  

1. I have been so inconsistent in writing on this blog, it is not even funny.  Funny thing, is there still seems to be a bit of traffic, not sure how but ok. Keep a look out for some upcoming changes here. 

2. My dishes have literally sat in the sink since Sunday night.  In my defense (since for some reason I feel like I need to defend myself), we started distant learning this week, my son is camped out on our kitchen bar so time in the kitchen while he is zooming, to distracting. And then to clean the kitchen later in the afternoon/evening, what?  I'm tired! LOL. So they have sat for a few days.                                  


3. AND distant learning.  We are only 4 days in but if I am overwhelmed, even though I am only still supervising at the moment (no major assignments assigned just yet)..I can only imagine how the kids are feeling being stuck on these zoom calls, 3-4x a day.  One thing for certain, I *loathe* zoom calls. Did you get a chance to see this "The Different Types of Students On Zoom" from a few months ago? Which one is your child?

How are you holding up?  Any confessionals? Remember you are safe here!  We are all imperfect and in this together. 

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