Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And Then I Laughed....


....the belly aching facial distorting rolling on the floor laughing kind of laugh. 

He said he wanted me to do what?  Is he nuts?  He obviously doesn't know this bread loving, pasta eating person very well.  I have Italian in my blood I KNOW somewhere, how can I not?  I can NOT live without grains, carbs, bread, pasta...I can throw down chips, don't eat those much, sweets, easy peasy...but Pasta! 
H to the E to the double L, NO! 

Yes, so my doctor, wants me to go grain free (essentially the Paleo diet) for 30 days (at least).  That means no bread, pasta, beans, rice, anything that has consumed grain or made with any grain.  Which also means that he wants me to incorporate meat (meat from grass fed animals) back into my diet for the protein that I will no longer be getting from legumes.  He forgot that I switched to vegetarian awhile back or did he?  Actually, he read the notes, from my last visit but apparently vegetarian isn't good enough..it might even be counter productive to my body type because of all the carbohydrates that I eat (read: pasta).  Those that eat diets high in carbs of course gain more belly fat and well that seems to fit me to a T of late.  My mid section...not pretty.  

My mid section is actually what landed me in the ER a couple weeks ago which is what started this whole visit and conversation with said doctor. I was having some abdominal pains and was extremlely bloated. I looked like I was pregnant, full term, no joke so instead of a rectangle at that point I looked more like a pear.

Here is my dilemma, I don't want to eat meat.  And if you read my blog when I decided to "go" vegetarian you know I decided to "go" vegetarian because of my own selfish reasons namely because I don't have one of these...


A gallbladder.  Don't get me wrong I love animals and hate the cruelty that is involved from getting them from the farm to the table but my reason to "go" vegetarian is mainly because of that.  No gallbladder.

The purpose of a gallbladder is that it stores and secretes bile, a digestive fluid that breaks down fats.  Without it, you got it, it is harder to digest fat.  A lot of people without gallbladders tend to suffer from a "dumping" syndrome where anytime they eat high fatty foods, it dumps into your intestine prematurely.  This is what happens to me when I eat "most" meat which is why I decided not to eat it.  It doesn't seem to happen much with other fatty foods, mainly meat so I am at a loss. 

So now what, I say?  He thinks "grass fed" meat and grain free will make a difference.  I am not so sure.  And I am really not sure about making another drastic life altering change in eating habits during the holidays.  I feel like I would be setting myself up for failure.
And I don't like to fail, I mean who does right?

So again, now what?  Here I sit, pondering my next step, eating a bowl of home made mac "n" cheese  (probably not my best idea this week). But it is soooooo good! 

Anyone out there who has jumped on the Paleo diet?  How's it working for you?


  1. So sorry to hear that!! Must be the hardest thing to do what the doctor says... I don't think I would!

    1. I probably "should" listen to my doctor and probably will eventually if not temp to see if it makes any difference. But I will not be doing it during the holidays, maybe that will be my new years resolution...I guess we will see.

  2. So what's that leave you with - a diet of fresh air and water? Mmm yummo

    I have no Italian blood but I like the same foods as you it seems (are you surprised?)

    You know as painful as it will be you'll possibly feel 110% better for it.

  3. Sounds like you need to strike a balance and load up on Quinoa??? At least that's a complete protein. :(

  4. Well, that's a conundrum. If it were me, I'd totally wait until after the holidays. Or ease into it at least. See if it helped. But I'm not one for following the orders of doctors much.
    If it helps, if you get meat from a local farm, the meat usually is lower in fat. They don't even have to be all grass fed. We raise a few pigs each year, and there is very little fat in them. Breed of animal plays a role as well. Talk to a local butcher to find the lowest meat with the lowest fat.
    Good luck.
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving.


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