Monday, April 22, 2013

IT'S. OK. Take A Break!

As much as I talk about change on my blog (more so lately), I.AM.A.CREATURE.OF.HABIT.

This at times is a good thing (for stability purposes) but at other times it creates some friction (my way or the highway aka stubbornness). 

One of my creature comforts happens to be the radio station that I listen to in the car. It is uplifting.  It is spiritual. It is inspiring. It is safe for the whole family.  It makes me think.  It makes me feel things that sometimes I may not have felt otherwise.  Therefore I listen to it ALL.THE.TIME (even when the family isn't in the car). Rarely a CD hits my player, nor an ipod connected which really bothers my husband since he is a downloading music fanatic fan (purchased from itunes of course). 

This past week or so, as is with most everyone, it was a bit more trying with all the tragedy we have seen (how soon you forget the Boston bombing and the Texas Fertilizer Explosion). And those were just the most covered in the mainstream media as we know there are tragedies everyday that do not get as much publicity.  Therefore when this one promotion came on, that I have honestly heard probably a thousand other times...It really resonated with me.  The other 999 times it was just a promotional commercial about a late night call in show that one of the on air personalities does.  But this time, it really hit home and made me think of how trivial some of the things that I stress about are so menial in the realm of things. 

And it also put back in perspective that when times are trying, which more often than not they are for one reason or another (without the day to day tragedy).   That it IT'S.OK. to not be strong.  IT'S.OK.  to need a break from "reality".  IT'S.OK. to have an occasional pity party, melt down if you may.  IT'S.OK. to ask for and need help.  IT'S. OK. if you need time alone, a hot bath with the door locked or an extra 10 minutes sitting in your car at the grocery store (this is what I sometimes do).  It may only be a short term solution to a long term problem BUT if it keeps you sane and can help restore your all means. 

It does not make you less of a person, less of a women, less of a wife, mother, employee, it means you are only human.  I think once we ALL stop trying so hard to one up one another, we will find you and I, we are one in the same.  We are women trying to do our best with what we have to work with.    And sometimes....

It is not much.

But IT'S OK.

Take a break!


  1. You are right, it's important to take time to do that, so we can stay sane! #TALU

  2. Great post, Jenn. It's amazing how much good a short break will do. It doesn't have to involve anything complicated. TALU

  3. I love that! One of the little graphics says "Go to a body of water." I can't wait to do that. I don't know what it is about looking at the ocean - somehow it puts things in perspective. Great post! TALU

  4. I was reading this post, being all serious, thinking about Boston and Watertown (I have a lot of friends and family in Watertown - that's where my Mom grew up), then had to actually laugh when you got to one-upping. We always joke about my mother doing that to us, but it's really true! I actually got hit by a car one morning walking from the parking lot to my office, called her later and found out she went to light the gas grill and it exploded - they had to call the fire department, etc. See, she did it again!! ;)

    And I'm with Kenya - when I need to have a meltdown, I'll go sit by water somewhere. Heck, I'll take a found if I'm desperate - and pretend I'm back on Cape Cod looking out over the ocean. [#TALU]


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