Monday, April 29, 2013


It was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day in Oregon on Saturday.  (Although it never rains in Autzen!)  We went down to Eugene for the Oregon Ducks spring scrimmage where it was a guarantee that the DUCKS were going to win. Not that it is far fetched, that they would win, because you know they are still a nationally ranked team (even withouth Chris).

New coach.  Most of the same players.   The same fired up crowd.  It was ahhhhsome.

I am not sure Kaylyn was very excited about being at a football game by the look on her face.  It was 80 or so degrees so she was probably wishing she was playing in the sprinkler at home.  Hayden had a good time.  Although he was more interested in Puddles the Duck Mascot than the game itself.

My husbands dream car.

I will let him have it.
The dream that is.  Not the car.  Sorry love.

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