Sunday, April 7, 2013

Times A Changing....

And just like that....more change.  "Times A Changing" was the title of the email when the announcement was made that I was transitioning to another "team" within our company.

No worries though, I am just going to go with the flow.  I mean that is really all that one can do, right? I mean seriously, if you fight it or are not open to it, what is that going to say about you? Nothing good that I can think of.   Flexibility is where it is at these days in most industries.  The less you are apt to change, the quicker you will be left behind.  And well, I am not willing to let that happen.  I need my job.  I like my job.  I like the people and company I work for and will do my best in whatever they ask me to do.  I am not partial. 

Funny thing, this is the "team" that I originally interviewed for several times.  And where I thought I was going to land up until about a week before I started when they decided I was going to be placed in this other "team" that could use some "strong" support at the time because they were gearing up for a large volume of orders.  But alas, the large volume of orders are still in the works and therefore the orders are a bit more lean than on the other "team".  And quite honestly it was clear as a bright and sunny day.  I saw the numbers every day.  Often times I was asking for more work, I didn't like sitting idle. I got wind that one of the team members was transferring out to another position and therefore the already busy "team" would have one less member.  I guess you could say I could see the writing on the wall.  So when it came, the meeting on Friday, it was no big surprise.  I actually feel really good about it because they obviously have seen I am capable to handle the higher volume and now I can flow between the two teams as work necessitates which I think makes me more valuable.  I can do the large wholesale type orders and the customer facing (which I like).  My volume of work is going to increase drastically but it is all good.  I would rather be super busy than not busy enough.  Makes the days go by fast.  And I get to interact more with customers, going out to customer appointments, etc which is really nice since it breaks up the mundane of going into a cube farm everyday. 

So there it is....

Times A Changing...yet again.

Do you just go with the flow or fight change?


  1. Change - yep snap. I have run out of things to do with our 'Go Live' being so successful and have asked my boss what he wants me doing - I hate being idle, it drives me crazy

    Everything happens for a reason and you're going where you originally planned to. What will be, will be huh. Best of luck with the changes

  2. It sounds like a great opportunity! They're lucky to have you :)

  3. Good luck on the new team, and thanks for hosting TALU.


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