Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In My Toe!

Said the slightly overweight mother of 4 to her Dr when he asked how much she weighed after high school and said, "There is no reason why you can't weigh that again!"  Ha!  That's funny.

I weighed 119 lbs when I graduated high school  (many moons ago).  I am 5'6''.

I come from a long line of a bit bigger boned families.  Even at 119lb I don't think I was considered petite by any means.  I was athletic so I probably even looked like I weighed more.  Now at my age, after birthing 4 children, there is no way on this green earth that I would ever be able to get down to that weight again.  I don't mean to be Debbie downer but want to be realistic and definitely do not want to set myself up for failure.  I honestly think I would look very unhealthy at that weight given the changes that my body has done over the years.

But I do know I need to work on my weight.  I have been struggling with my weight this past year, more so than I ever have.  I have a few things working against me though i.e. PPD, hypothyroidism which make this battle even more frustrating!

I don't eat too terribly bad.  If you have read my blog long enough you see alot of my menu plans and recipes.  Yes, I like cheese but its not like I sit every night watching TV eating a block of cheese.  And pretend like you didn't see my recent post The Bite (s) of Oregon because I am sure I gained 10lbs just that day.

I think my main issue is just finding the time and getting motivated to exercise more.  You would think with all the running around after several small children that I do, that would do something.  But noooooooooo....

I feel like I am running a rat race everyday on the treadmill of life getting nowhere fast.... 

How do you get motivated and work exercise into your busy days?


  1. I know how you feel. I've been trying to lose this last 15 pounds for more than a year and it ain't happening! I wish I could afford lipo:)

  2. I actually have hyper-thyroidism, but it only kicks in when I'm pregnant.

    And I haven't been fitting exercise into my day, at all! I know I need to make it a priority, though no amount of exercise will get rid of my flat chest. I swear I used to be at least a little voluptuous, BEFORE children! The things we do for our kids. :)

  3. Motivated for exercise? Hmmm....everytime I look in a mirror I'm motivated...I just don't have the time I need to actually execute it :) I saw this quote the other day: "Don't forget you are what you eat" -"Well, then I need to eat a skinny person"

    : ) Happy Friday!

  4. just found your blog through bf... I love your tag line!

    Come check out my post on monday - I will be sharing your menu planning tip and a link to your blog!


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