Thursday, August 4, 2011

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

As I am changing Kaylyn's dirty diaper Hayden pipes up:

Mommy, when you are old I will change your diaper.

Isn't that a bit presumptious?  Who said I was going to wear diapers when I get older?  Where did this kid get this? He has been watching too much tv.  It must be those Kardashians.  Kris Jenner has a leaking problem lately so she is now a spokesperson for Poise.

Ok, so I probably will wear diapers again one day so I guess it is best that we got this cleared up now when he is 4. I must admit that it has been in the back of my mind ever since I turned 30 (lol). 

They always say be nice to your children because one day they will be taking care of you.  I better get on that; that being nice thing.

I can now rest assured that I will at least have a clean bum when I am senile and drooling in a retirement facility.  (Sorry that might come off as a bit insensitive; not all *older* people are senile and drool).

Have a great day!

Have any funnys that your kids have said to you recently?

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  1. Mama, will I get a big belly like yours someday? Thanks so much, time to do some sit-ups.

  2. I have heard that too a few too many times. LOL...Kids....

  3. I haven't gotten any offers from my children yet. I think they may abandon me in my old age. I may need to start bribing them now. :)

  4. The other night at dinner my 4 yo suddenly exclaimed "Mommy! My eye ball popped out!" Upon closer inspection we realized and explained to him that it was merely an eye lash :)

  5. LOL, what a sweet boy you have. That's one big promise!

  6. GGM, I hear candy works well for bribing. Ice cream too. Judy, thats funny! Story Girl, it is a big promise not sure he realizes what he is getting into just yet. LOL.


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