Thursday, July 26, 2012

Catching Up: VBS Day 1,2,3

Yes, I am condensing this.  Time has been a bit scarce this week.  With work, picking up/dropping off kiddos, VBS, we have been home but maybe an hour or so a day; enough time to cook/eat dinner really quick and then we head to VBS...then not getting home from that until 830-900pm.  Quick baths, a whole lot of little teeth to brush, then time to hit the pillow and do it all again the next day.

As tiring as it has been...when we get to VBS energy flows abundantly.  The kids, about 60 of them (age 4-4th grade), have so much energy and they so eagerly share it with all.  I *love* it!  They are so animated in E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. they say and do.  It is soooo awesome to watch the kids learn about GOD and have such a heart for him. 

In the class room that I am in, we have a different memory verse everyday that we have them memorize by we drill into them repeating over and over again numerous ways: slow motion, fast motion, valley girl talk (that is a favorite), robot talk, with an accent, etc.  It has made the kids giggle, laugh, smile and GET it!  Whatever works right? We also do some motions to each of the verses which again helps them remember the verses.  We only have them in our station for 20 mins but by the end of it, they have that verse down! It is so cool.  Even the littlest ones get it.

The memory verse for Monday was:



What are our memory versus for Thursday and Friday?  You will have to just wait and see. 

Did you go to VBS as a child?  What was your favorite part?  Do your children go to VBS now? 

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  1. Hey - that looks just like our VBS!! : ) We are having fun, but we are tired this week.


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