Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Letter From Milli!

Our family received a letter from our Compassion daughter, Millicent, this past week.  How excited we were to receive it!  We were getting a little bit discouraged because we hadn't received one in a while but it is all good now.

Here is her letter to us verbatim:


I greet you in the name of the LORD.  I am doing well in my studies but hope to do better.  I had a very enjoyable Easter with my family. I am growing spiritually and physically well.  I wish you all the best. 

In Gods Love,


Short, sweet, to the point.

She is only 10 so we don't expect a long winded letter.  We are just happy to have her as part of our family and that she is doing well in mind, body and spirit.  She also did a few drawings for us of her animals.

We have a Compassion International letter writing event at our church this Friday evening.  It is something we do each month to help everyone who sponsors a child be accountable to writing their child (ren) regularly.  We try to write our child at least 1-2x a month so she is consistently receiving something in the mail from her family in the US. 

Do you sponsor a child?  Would you like to learn more about Compassion International?  Check out their website or Facebook page.  You can download a Facebook profile cover from there, too.  And guess who helped in that Facebook cover campaign?  Why Shaun Groves, of course.

Compassion International Facebook Covers

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