Saturday, July 21, 2012

Six Word Saturday

When it rains, it sure pours!

Do you ever feel like that?  Probably a silly question, huh?

It has been a pretty rough and tumble week by all accounts.

And it even ended with a bang with my bank
debiting my car payment two times!

Ughh, so what did I get to do on my Friday afternoon but go to the
lovely bank to fill out a claim to get my money back.

Ohh and it could take several days of course. 

They debit immediately but it takes weeks for credits.  Go figure.

I'm not irritated or anything.

Not at all. 

Hopefully your week went better.

It is Saturday now and I am going to try and enjoy time with
my family putting the chaos of the week aside. 

Going to Summerfest this morning and then maybe
to pick some berries this afternoon.

That sounds delightful.

And as I typed this, in an irritated mood,
I thought about how trivial this probably is....
in the realm of things. 

If you didn't hear about the tragedy in Aurora CO at the
midnight showing of Batman, read here

Won't you pray for those that lost their lives,
those that were injured,
the families they left behind,
the Holmes family
and even the suspect, James Holmes.

I am linking this 6WS up with Cate over at Show My Face.
You can too.  Describe what is going on in your life in 6 words and link up.
It is, that simple. 

Hope you all have a FANTABULOUS weekend!


  1. It is amazing how we go on streaks. It is a fascinating phenomenon.

  2. I hate that saying, because it happens, unfortunately, to all of us....thanx for the memoriam....what a tragedy..

  3. I refuse to call it a tragedy; I think doing so somehow dignifies and to some degree absolves the murderer. A mudslide is a tragedy; a planecrash is a tragedy. This was an atrocity.

    I'm certainly with you on praying for all those effected, even the suspected murderer, though.

  4. It is good to put things into prospective. (:>) We all have bad days no and then...but when something so terrible happens, it all feels trivial compared to this.

    May God help each victim and their families.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. Hope next week is peaceful, for everyone.
    McGuffy's Reader


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