Thursday, July 19, 2012

Have To Admit...Pretty Clever.

Rule #1:  A women scorned is NEVER a good thing.

I would never do something like this.  I do not have the kahunas to do so but you have to admit it is pretty clever.  They have received TONS of exposure, just what they needed to hopefully sale their house soon. 

I do feel for her and her kids having gone through similar circumstances years and years ago.  I hope they are able to sell their cute house and a new family is able to make life long memories in it.  I am also hoping that the children do not get wind of all this since El Capatain is still their father even though he made for a not so great husband when he decided to drop his drawers for a 22 year old yoga instructor.

In the market for a new house?  Visit Great Family Home or visit her personal blog for more to the story.

BTW, did I mention that she is a FABULOUS photographer.  Small world, although I don't know her personally I actually called her to take photos of our delivery of Kaylyn back in May 2010 but then we had a C-section so we couldn't.  She has a photography business called Zober Babies

What do you think?  A little over the top?  Well deserved?  I am thinking maybe, just maybe, those that have read or seen this situation MIGHT think twice before doing something like this in the future, especially if their spouse saw it too.  Just sayin.

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