Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Compassion" Blog Month






The basic necessities.

Things that many of us often times take for granted since it is readily available to most.  Even the poorest of the poor in the US are still rich comparatively speaking to others in 3rd world countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana….I have seen it first hand in traveling to Ethiopia this past winter. 

No fresh water. Only eating one meal a day, if that.  Wearing the same clothing everyday.  No shoes yet walking miles upon miles into town begging for anything.  Education.  They can only dream of.

It is utterly heartbreaking.  But I did something and YOU CAN, too.  Break the cycle of poverty.  CHANGE the life of a child.

There are many children that need sponsors.  Look at them, read about them, they are all deserving, but I know you will find one that fits your family perfectly.  Make it a family event: choosing a child, writing the child, praying for the child.  Our family now sponsors two girls Milli (10) and Maddie (7).  I love receiving letters from them, pictures that they have drawn, updates from their pastors.  It is a great feeling knowing that we are making a difference.

Sponsor a child TODAY. $38.00 a month and you can change their LIFE.FOREVER.

If you can’t sponsor a child now, will you at least take a look and pray for them.  It only takes a second.

Will you help me, help them?
Sponsor a child TODAY. 
I am participating in Blog Month for Compassion in an attempt to change the lives of 3,108 precious children (and then some ) in 30 days. Although, I blog about Compassion regularly this month Compassion is upping the ante . Each week that we blog about Compassion we receive small incentives AND the blogger that garners the most sponsored children will be awarded a trip with Compassion to see the work first hand. 
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Sponsor A Child.


  1. Very convincing----if only I wasn't already sponsoring four kids plus a mom and baby in CSP!!! Blessings to you for advocating for the least of these.

  2. No worries Kathleen! You are a blessing to the children you already sponsor. If only we could get others to advocate/sponsor that is the end goal. To help these children anyway possible.


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