Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

Every now and again I write a post about things that I love.  It could be products, people. songs, recipes, etc...I am thinking I might make this a weekly post and hoping that maybe you will join in on the fun.

What do you think about making it a link up blog hop?  You can share what ever YOU ARE LOVIN' at the moment (or can be an older blog post) and the blog post does not have to be titled What I'm Lovin'.  I would make it real simple with the only rule being that the post you link up is family friendly.  It can even be a product review or giveaways because obviously you are lovin' those if you have them on your blog. 

Maybe?  Would you link up? Leave me a comment if you would so I can gauge the interest.  I know there are lots of blog hops out there but most have so many rules, I want to make it easy for you to share something you love and show some love to others while you are at it. 

Ok, so  I guess I do have another rule and that is, to comment on other blogs and make it personal, not generic.  Really read what the writer is saying.  If you come across a blog that you just don't connect with, that is ok, move onto the next one. 

Here are a few things that I Am Lovin' this Wednesday

I Am Lovin' me some fresh garlic.  I *heart* garlic. I roasted up some of these bad boys and tossed them in with some butter and fresh green beans on Sunday for some Garlic Sauteed Green Beans.  I also used some in my Progresso Beef Stroganoff.  I can eat garlic in just about anything and often times do.  No chance of being attacked by a vampire in this house.

Those would be used Magic Erasers.  Whomever invented those originally is a GOD or GODDESS.  Seriously, these rock!  Our oldest daughter was actually saying something about these just the other day because the cleaning people at the apartment she moved into had used them.  And they work WONDERS.  WONDERS, I tell you.  I am not sure what parents-of-crayon-on -walls-infatuated-children did before them.  (maybe paint a lot?  Just sayin')

Bagels with "what some people would call weird cream cheese spreads".  This is a bagel from Jazzy Bagels with a Spinach Spread.  Ohh soo good.   And they don't stop there.  Cilantro, Walnut Raisin, Garlic, Veggie, Jalapeno, Wild Berry.....And their bagels are pretty darn good, too.  They have 19 different kinds to choose from made fresh daily.

These, love, love them.  She is the sweetest little girl on this planet (until she tells you "No, poopy and runs the other way"; thank you big brothers)...but she loves her daddy like no other...

And last but certainly not least....

The dozen red roses my husband brought home for me this weekend, just because.  I am not much of a flower person (they just die) but it is nice to occasionally receive them unexpectedly.  Thank you, honey!

Alright, that is enough for this week. 

What are you lovin and will you link up?  Let me know.

Disclosure: No compensation was made for the mention of Jazzy Bagels or Magic Eraser.  Jazzy Bagels is a local restaurant that I enjoy.  Progresso provided me with a product gift pack for a review of their new product however the actual review is within a different blog post.

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  1. I love the lists of "loves". Garlic is always delicious! I'm half Italian, and garlic is a love product for food! Ha ha!

    I am going to try the Magic Erasers! Love real testimony!

    I am a bagel, cream cheese, and spinach lover, so all three together has got to be scrumptious!

    So precious of your husband to bring you flowers! And, I can see why you love the two precious hearts in your photo!

    Hope your week continues to be ever so wonderful! xo


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