Sunday, July 28, 2013

VBS. Over & Out

Last week was our church's VBS.

The theme was Kingdom Rock.

This is the first year of several that I did not volunteer.  If you read this post, you know why.

It was nice to get a couple hour reprieve each nigh.  I dropped Hayden off at VBS and then to only have the little to hang out with. It was like a mini vacation.  I hope that doesn't sound terrible.  It is not meant to.  It is nice though to have some one on one time with Miss K.  And I knew Hayden was in good hands and would have a great time, which he did.

I did however go back to the church each night to hang out the last half hour or so, when they are in the sanctuary reviewing what they learned that night, sing a few songs and dance.  I just couldn't stay away.  And it is awesome to see all the kids praising GOD and "Stay Strong".  That was part of the Kingdom Rock Stay Strong, no matter what life throws your way, when you live by the word and trust in him, he will help you through it along with your friends and family.  Such a great message and easy concept for even the youngest.

As part of the tithing this week the kids brought money to help buy Compassion Water for Life kits.  My friend Jill did an amazing job (of course) every night presenting this.  And in the end, the kids brought enough money for 5 kits!  5 kits!  How amazing is that?  Jill had only hoped for 2 but the kids rallied up!  If you want to read more about each day of her presentations, make sure to visit her blogs posts. 

VBS Day 1
VBS Day 2
VBS Day 3
VBS Day 4
VBS Day 5

VBS.  Over & Out.  Until next year.

Do your children attend VBS?  What was your theme this year? 

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to have some down time with just Miss K. Hayden very sweetly and proudly told me he drank some Smart Water! : ). Thanks for the pinky love and kind words.


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