Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Going To The Chapel...

Going to the chapel and were going to get married. Nope, not me.  My oldest daughter!

After 15 years of dating they "finally" married in a rustic barn on October 10th. And her vision of a rustic wedding was "on point."

Even though we had to improvise a tad bit due to weather (it had been raining quite a bit prior to the wedding so we had to move their outdoor, on the grass next to the lake wedding under an awning next to the barn)....but it all worked out beautifully. And for several hours before and after the wedding it did not rain! We even saw a rainbow! And fireworks! 

First Look

Lighting the Unity Candle

Husband & Wife

The Lake

The groom was handsome. The bride was beautiful and now to begin the next chapter of their lives (which hopefully means a few grand babies for me).

I wish these two so much love and happiness in their life together.

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