Tuesday, October 27, 2020

When and How It All Began

 My very first post to this blog was Wednesday October 27th, 2010!

This blog is 10 years old!  Happy Blogiversary to me! I can hardly believe it. Can you? And you may notice a few minor changes...what do you think? 

I know I have been a bit absent the last couple years for various reasons but my goal is to start blogging again "consistently".  This blog, is pretty much the only thing that is my "own" and I really need an outlet to just be, to write about whatever, whenever, to debrief, to laugh about, to cry (commiserate) and celebrate all of life's imperfections (or indiscretions) because LORD knows there are tons.  I know blogging might be a bit passe now in 2020 but I'm still going to do it. I hope you continue to stop by every now and then. And drop a comment or two.

How the whole idea of this blog came to be in case you want a refresher:

Women's Retreat

I recently returned from a Women's Only weekend retreat in Lincoln City.   As much as I struggled with the "mommy" guilt leading up to the weekend I am glad I went... It was definitely food for my soul and I didn't realize how much I needed it until I was there! 

But man did I feel guilty right up until I got into my friends car to leave...I mean I was leaving the children (18yr,12yr,3yr & 5 months) behind for my (capable) husband to care for, for a whole weekend.  So many things crossed my mind leading up to the "big" event... How would he be able to do it without me?  Would they have three square meals while I was gone? Would they get baths?  What about clean clothes?  Don't even get me going on, "What if he forgets to change K's diaper? (often enough)"

In the end, the house didn't burn down, the kids ate, their clothes were dirty but I am sure that was because it was 6:30 pm on Sunday when I returned (ohhhh yes, we milked the weekend right up until dusk).  Heck the kids, they barely even noticed I was gone; husband on the other hand....I think he might have a better appreciation for how much "I" (woman in general do EVERYDAY)....Now the house looked like a tornado hit it (that would be Hayden)...but I learned something from the retreat that I put to use the second I walked through the door....IT'S OK IF THE HOUSE IS A MESS (sometimes).  Life is too short to cry over spilled milk (the cat will lick it up anyways).  It is now time to sit back, relax and spend some time with my husband and kids.  They missed me!  They truly missed me....(maybe just a little bit).

In closing, one of the "wiser" woman at the retreat  said it best, "Womans Lib, sure wasn't liberating, now was it? Now we are not only expected to work in the home but also outside the home."    So often we find that we try and be everything to everyone at all times and we often fail miserably...at something.  I mean really can we be good---perfect at everything?  Can women *now* truly have it all?

What do you think?

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