Friday, October 30, 2020

The Closest I Get

 What day is it anyways?

Between distant learning. Trying to keep up with the household stuff, not actually working thankfully....(I was able to take a leave of absence while kids are at home)...I am not sure how I did it before...or how I will do it again once I have to go back to work (especially if kids are still not in school).  I almost feel like I am on maternity leave with the absence of crying babies and poopy diapers...but time, it just blurs together and gets away from me to the point of, shower? What's that?  Clean clothes everyday, sooo overrated.  Self-care is pretty much non existent at this point. 

The closest I get to a facial these days is when I open up the dishwasher while it is still steam drying the dishes. 

Or when I am draining the mac n cheese in the strainer. Ahh, bliss.

What was the last self care thing that you did for yourself? Do you find it hard to do?  Here is an article of why self care is so important but so hard to practice.

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