Friday, October 23, 2020

Rock The Vote?

 Is that even a thing anymore?

Back in my day, it was huge!  I remember back in 1992, all the music groups and actors trying to get all of us youngn's registered to vote (and of course actually getting to the polls to cast our vote). 

On a side note: Polls, I haven't been to those in ages since I live in Oregon where we have been able to vote by mail, long before Covid. (Sorry got sidetracked).

Madonna, LL Cool J, Michael Jackson and heck even Dee-lite, remember them? They were all over the airwaves telling us what to do!

But alas, I had just turned 17 so it would be another long 4 years before I could vote but you bet your bottom dollar that I registered the second I could because you know Marky Mark said to.

And now how many years later, I have voted EVERY.SINGLE election because it's a civic responsibility that I take very seriously.  The main reason why I choose to vote is because it allows me to participate in choosing who represents me and my beliefs.  It gives me a voice! The problem though is not everyone thinks the way I do.  I see it in some of my friends, family...Some have the mentality that their vote doesn't matter, it's just ONE vote.  BUT it does (even more so on a local state/community level).  If to many people have that same train of thought, then it is just not the ONE vote but who knows how many other votes. Think about that. 

The one thing I ask though is do your research, ask questions, watch the debates, make sure whatever you are voting for (local measures) or whoever you are voting for (President, City Counsel, etc) that you are making an educated decision. 

Here is a great article that I ran across about Why Voting Is Important.

Now what are you waiting for?  V-O-T-E! 


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